Alejandro Fuentes Gil leaves traces of his new steps in art

Alejandro Fuentes Gil has devoted much of his work to the representation of the wild fauna in Mexico and the world. Through sculpture and the fine treatment of their technique, in bronze or other materials, these species have reached many parts of the world in the form of art.

Since 1995, this work has also enabled him to pay his taxes through the Ministry of Finance’s Payment in Nature program, but a few years ago it was work that he always felt comfortable with and thanks to which he is recognized nationally and internationally. , rejected.

The exercise that motivated this now had a more formal perspective and this Thursday we will be able to see its results in the exhibition “Impronta”, which opens at 17.00 at the University Cultural Heritage.

In an interview with VANGUARDIA, the artist recalled that when the Treasury rejected his regular work almost five years ago “because he had already delivered the same theme for several years and they asked me if I could make any variation”, he felt frustrated.

“I felt like José José, you understand he was a romantic, was asked to sing cumbias or as a tenor. So maybe I did, but you would get it out of hand. And I was angry, and there was a small piece of mud there, I grabbed a piece, a bust of a sheep, and I hit it against the mud “, he commented.

This action resulted in an impression on a dough plate which in the eyes of his son, also the sculptor Alejandro Fuentes Quezada, seemed to be an interesting proposal.

“I was used to seeing the whole figure and not just a muddy one,” the artist added, “we have already emptied it and it looked very interesting. Already with the bronze, and the patina, you give it a certain shine and they turned out to be very beautiful volumes ”.

With great acceptance of the Payment in Kind program, Fuentes Gil continued this exploration, not of figurative creation, but of the mark that his own work can leave, and alludes through the materials to some of the fossil remains that are preserved, where we do not see the object itself. , but the mark they left on the ground.

This is how the exhibition “Impronta”, which consists of ten pieces, will show this newer side of the sculptor’s work, made with prints of even his own works, which now function as a tool for creating something else.

“It opens your mind, it opens your curiosity to look for other alternatives, which are often even easier than the traditional ones. Art is very strict when you want to faithfully represent whatever it is, it is very demanding. This way gives you it where the little freedom, which floats, you make it calmer, you even enjoy it.It’s because I’ve done it for so many years [a la manera tradicional], but change is liberating, ”he concluded.


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