Alfredo del Mazo says that in Edomex there is an increase in the generation of employees

Durante la entrega de apoyos del programa Projects de Fumento El Auto EmployeeL. Gubernador Alfredo del Mazo Maza puntualize que a pesar de la situación complicada que trajo consigo la pandemia por COVID-19 in the generation of employees, in the state of Mexico from avanza and they have been recovered from the navy’s practice of sanitary contingency, with the creation of a total of 686 mill plates of formals.

“Yes We recall the traumatic events that plagued our pandemicbut only in the month of Mayo, in the month of the passage, we created the creation More than 7,500 companiesThis is a total of one million sales, a total of 686 million jobs, more than we have ever recorded, and this is something very good, because we have been reminded that we are active, this is our day. Passing the pandemic of pandemic ”, infatuated.

In the United Deportiva Amecameca, Del Mazo Maza indicating that the small pecuniary negotiations are still relevant because they are the economic units that generate 72 because of the emperors of the country.

Apparently, the programs of the program were foaming at the end of the automation, which has two more that can be taken with a cab. Mayor in the loss of 240 million pesos to allow the beneficiaries to be heard in the equitable investigation, as to increase their productivity, to generate an increase in these economic units, or that the beneficiaries receive equipment that is worth a penny.

In this sense, as in the case of Ejemplo Carlos, Who cares about a fabric or the randomness of the pandemic when it comes to business without personal reduction in its work center, without embargo, Puso su taller de carpinteríaAnd with the program of fomento fomento autoempleo podrá crecer y mejorar su negocio.

Asimismo, dijo que mediante este programa help and impulse automation in the Mexican entity, ya que ayuda a quienes tienen un pequeño negocio ya las personas que quieren poner por primera vez uno.

We are very fond of what we are trying to achieve in this 13 municipalities of the state of Mexico, and in total We are helping more than 4,800 families de 123 municipalities of the state, cashiers in all municipalities and a number of families that are receiving this program.

“This is the second time we’ve got a cabo this program, and that ayuda a lais familias para que creatcan sus trapunidades de trabajo y que les genere también mayores ingres a sus sus familias ”, affirmó.

The Governor of Mexico has been asked to provide training to the Institution of Capacity and Management for the Industrial Training (ICATI) Continue the courses for laboratory capacities, so that there are more opportunities for women and men.

“Yes We have more than 500 million peopleson 516 mil in total that he has capacited, and something that I like very much and he wants to share, of these 516 mil personas that he has capacited for the job, a largo de this time, ocho de cada 10 son mujeresAnd this is the news that this girl is trying to make her smile to negotiate or to start some activism ”, manifesto.

The Secretariat of Trabajo, Maribel Góngora Espinosa, refers to the program of Fomento to Autoempleo Permit help to families of Mexicans with maquinaria, mobility and equipment to enhance the quality of their work, such as carpentry, craftsmanship, textile and textile textures and textures, textile mechanics, hojalatería and painting, gardening, tapestry, as an alphabetical and ceramic

Destruction that this program is unique to our nation by its characteristic and beneficial benefits, and aggravates that with the help of these benefits the beneficiaries can receive capacitance and increase our ability to control our nerves.Institute of Capacity and Adjustment for Industrial Training.

In this gira de trabajo to help the beneficiaries de las Volcanes, de municipios como Amecameca, Ayapango, Atlautla, Chalco, Tenango del Aire, Tlalmanalco, Valle de Chalco, Juchitepec y Tepetlixpa.