Alicia Machado destroyed Pablo Montero by chanting Maduro in Venezuela

Everything seems to point to the love between Alicia Machado and Pablo Montero if acabó, pues las exreina de belleza despotricó en contra del famoso por chantarle “Las mañanitas” a Nicolás Maduro en Venezuela.

In an interview with Telemundo, Alicia Machado made sure that she was deceived by Pablo Montero, who said that lo ha ha okurrido en Venezuela es “devastador”.

“En enk quiero dejarle saber a Pablo que estoy bastante disilusionada … The tragedy that we live with as a people is devastating. I understand that artists do not need to have a political banner, not much less, but a human banner of humanity “, complains Alicia Machado.

Por si fuera poco, Alicia Machado dijo que if Pablo Montero actually made his friend, he did not know how to sing to Maduro.

“I have been living for a long time because of the situation in which I live, but I believe that I am in my staff, if Pablo quizzes do not make my friends feel like they are, but they are like a lot of disillusionment“, regrets.

“I am very disappointed because the pain that the Venezuelans hold is very great, what we live for is very painful, not only within, but what we live for. It cantarle to a herid that is difficult for us as Venezuelans ”, says Alicia Machado.

Finally, the famous pillow that Pablo Montero made with his life:

“Yo a Pablo lo quiero, lo respect, lo admiro, que Dios lo bendiga, como artista, men a nivel de amistad, I see it as a traicionada y ojalá entienda what it means to us as a community in the world is its action“, Summary.



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