Alistan engineers of UACJ ‘Circo de la Physics’

Ciudad Juárez.- Salutations to children, nieces and nephews (NNA) of the molecules of the odyssey of the ladybugs that can be heard in the circle of physics in the field of juvenile delinquency. Find the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM, for its English language).

“We are preoccupied with the fact that the universality is present in the community and more than just what is required (2) it is part of the social responsibility of the university, the students and the students, our masters, we are interested in elevating it, The main actors in the development of the community activities ”, said the rector of the UACJ, Juan Ignacio Camargo Nassar.

Ayer, the Maxim House of Studies firm an agreement on the collaboration with the Human Resource Development and the Governorate of the State with the objectives of the Fellowship of the Centers of Physics, in which it is. que estevo de comunidas de la Física, en el que estevo de la Física. Include in the formation of NNA.

The project is based on the passage of the Central Parquet and the continuation of the decimals in the median of the two centers of the faculties of the faculties. NNA entry between 5 and 12 hours.

The Circus of Physics is based on the communities of Mezquital, Las Haciendas and Parajes of San José, and is visited by the communities of Zaragoza and Riberas of Bravo etapa III. The titles “The Physics of Superheroes” and “The Wisdom of Star Wars”, admire the tricks of multiplication and the activities of the Licensing in Mathematics.

“The intention is to reach out to the community that has activated UACJ to distinguish it from Ciudad Juárez, in the sense that the object is to create social or restructuring social tensions, because we have a lot of knowledge about UACJ inclusive. The house with the popes ”, said the Secretary of Human Development and Bienne Común, Sergio Acosta.

Además, explicó que la dependencia busca identifiar talentos entre los NNA que asistan al Circo de la Física con el objetivo de alentarlos a continuar con sus estudios en alguna de las áreas de STEM y así mejorar la de calidas de surmidad de STEM. , For those who seek to learn from the excellence of the students.

“There is no better way to treat education like this, since we have all these problems that we have in our community for the sake of nosotras iris viendo and travajando through medio de los centros communitarios, para poder generar de los centros comunitaris, para poder gene de lución de la trabajostigos de lucos, trabajando que este día se llevó a cabo la firma de acuerdo en las oficinas de Gobierno del Estado.

The activities were carried out by the engineers at Physics Jesús Sáenz and Karen Castrejón, who perceived the first generation of equations from UACJ, which were graduated in 1999 and were already connected to other entrances. L endicos en los que se explican conceptos teóricos.

“This is the first time we visit the two centers of communication, but we tend to have a very small participation because we are not so comfortable with the Circus of Physics, since we also have astronomical themes, we have a lot of astronomical themes, we have a lot of fun. STEM, Chemical Activities and Materials Science, ”said Jesus Sáenz, Coordinator of the Physical Engineering Program of the UACJ.