All the Love Islanders who left the sensational ITV series

Liam Llewellyn has reportedly left ITV’s Love Island after spending only five days at the villa. The series, which returned on Sunday, June 5, is back and with this early exit, the drama is set to continue for another seven weeks.

Liam joins a relatively extensive list of people who have left the chain of their own accord. Love Island, which is known to test its residents, has previously come under scrutiny for this exact reason. From exiting the late game to “I just wanted you to know I loved you, Curtis,” the experience has been too much for some people and they’ve rolled their suitcases from the villa early on.

Don’t go anywhere, because we delve deep into all the islanders who abandoned their own villas. Don’t forget to comment below on finding out which one surprised you the most.

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Liberty Poole and Jake Cornish

Liberty and Jake leave it at the last minute to exit the series
(image: ITV)

Possibly the most shocking on this list, Liberty and Jake were the top favorites to win Love Island in 2021. Their sweet romance enthralled the audience since the first episode of the series and hence, their exit was a huge surprise. Considering the fact that Jake had asked Liberty to be his girlfriend in an earlier episode, ‘Giberty’ was considered untouchable. That is, until it all stops.

The day before the final, after the couple went on their last date, the pair concluded that they should “just be friends”. In shocking scenes, Liberty and Jake did not realize that it was right for them to stay and leave the villa anymore, paving the way for a series win for Liam and Miley.

In a strange exit interview, the pair did not even speak to each other. Ouch!

nial aslam

0 Love Island 2018
nial aslam
(image: ITV)

Bring your mind back to 2018 and some of you may remember Niall Aslam. Like this year’s Liam, poor Niall didn’t last very long at the Love Island villa. His exit happened off-screen and the news was broken by Dr. Alex.

Taking to Instagram after the series ended – Niall said: “For too long I have suffered from silence and not accepted a big fact about my life which by moving to the villa I finally realized and be adapted.

He continued: “I want to thank the team at ITV for always supporting me and giving me the opportunity to rid myself of my insecurities and embrace the fact that I am different yet I am a rainbow fish. I am not Can you explain how grateful I am for the support of the entire team during this period.”

Niall was referring to the fact that he had insecurities associated with Asperger’s syndrome.

Sophie Gradon

0 Love Island 2018
Sophie Graden tragically passed away in 2018
(image: ITV)

Series two contestants, Sophie Graden, were notable for having the first same-sex pair on the show. “Open-bisexual” Sophie previously hooked up with glamor model Katie Salmon after hooking up with barman Tom Powell.

However, Sophie felt that her heart was with Tom and left the villa, as she said: “Guys, I’m leaving. I’ve been feeling that way for a while. Now, I feel like it’s my time.” It is done.”

Tragically, Sophie tragically died in June 2018 and her boyfriend Aaron Armstrong passed away 20 days later.

amy harto

0 Love Island Couples
Amy’s final conversation with Curtis
(image: ITV)

“I was coming back here to tell you that I love you.” Those words are still painful today. Amy, unlucky in love, has a painful end to her time at the villa. Realizing that she doesn’t want to see her ex-partner, Curtis Pritchard, hook up with someone else, Amy decides to pack her bags and leave the villa.

In emotional scenes, Amy told Curtis: “All I want is for you to be happy and you won’t be able to be happy if I’m still here.” Luckily for Amy, a few years after Love Island, she would eventually move on from Curtis.

Sameera Mighty

0 Love Island 2018
Sameera Mighty
(image: ITV)

English television personality and West-end star, Sameera had an interesting time at the Love Island villa. She was in friendship pairs with Dr. Alex George and Sam Bird, until rugby player Frankie Lewis came in and fell in love immediately.

Poor Samira is heartbroken when Frankie is kicked out of the villa. Following her heart, Samira left the villa of her own free will to be with Frankie, but the pair parted ways shortly after rumors of a cheating surfaced about Frankie. In 2019, Sameera will be seen in X Factor’s last series – X Factor: Celebrity.

Georgia Steele and Sam Bird

0 First Look Love Island Georgia And Sam
Georgia and Sam leave the villa together
(image: ITV)

The stars of the 2018 series Love Island, Georgia and Sam were rated the show’s most unpopular couple. Ouch! This, in turn, prompted host Caroline Flack to offer the pair an ultimatum – “separate and continue traveling separately or leave the villa.”

Eyeing only for each other, the pair packed their bags and left the villa. The pair split later that year.

Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9 PM

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