The image quickly went viral, and networks quickly took over. Marcelo Ebard. For a second he raised his eyes to the sky and rolled his eyes as president. Anders Manuel Lopez Obrador.Then, he made an irrelevant speech, forcibly. Miguel Hedlgo., Benedict Jewelers. And Francisco I. Medro. And the issues discussed in the high-level security dialogue between Mexico and the United States have nothing to do with it.

Psychologists say that this movement of the eyes allows the brain to be disconnected and connected to other things. Losing eye contact allows a person to enter into an internal conversation instead of listening to something they do not like.

When the president began: “The revolutionaries who made these changes always thought of their own safety, took refuge in the north.” Abard Struggling to focus, but when the president said: “President. Jewelers. He is going north, to hold the flag of the Republic because he attacked us in the palace and the monarchy was established “, in this part of seconds, of course the Chancellor thought:” Oh my God, he is there Goes again “or” Forgive him, my God, he doesn’t know what he’s saying. “

The look that went viral in June 2018 during the time of the then German Chancellor. Angela Merkel Talked to Vladimir Putin. At the G20 summit, as the Russian president answered a question. Merkel He replied with tears in his eyes that the subject of the conversation did not move forward, but the picture remained later and made it clear that he was not at all interested in what he was saying. Putin. So merit, like. Abard With Tabasco

But the Foreign Secretary should not take relations badly because #TodosSomosMarcelo. Millions of Mexicans feel the same way as they listen to the president’s morning, in which he repeats himself over and over again, or when he reviews his electrical reforms, full of errors: “Oh no, it works again!” Or “And what are you going to get out of now?”

Of course, energy and financial experts and even some government thinkers make the same move when they see that, if the reforms are passed according to the executive’s proposal, it will make the country a millionaire. There will be a loss of confidence in the investment, as there will be international litigation.

The same view is maintained by the opposition parties and the PRI itself when the president of the PRI, Alejandro Moreno Alias Omelette He pointed out that no one would pressurize his party to clarify its position on energy reforms and that they would analyze, review and listen first.

But even the Mexicans turn a blind eye and then go on expressing surprise and anger at the thought that the institutional revolutionary is now the party that can improve the balance. How long will a party that has done so much harm to the country, which does not dare to forcibly reject reforms, for fear of exposing its corruption, become a factor in the decision?

The Chancellor himself and the Senator. Ricardo Monreal. They have to make the same eyes: “Yes, Chola!” When the president insists on raising his hand to the head of government, Claudia Schenbaum., And do everything in your power to make it a successor.

You Marcelo You should not feel bad that they have caught you, in this government you go from white eyes to plate eyes because of the surprise created by the suggestions of the President and some of his officials.

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