Alonso, McNeil defeated Mets Blue Jays 5-4 in the first match at Hill

NEW YORK (AP) – Rich Hill gave the New York Mets a credible start to what they were looking for. Pete Alonso and Jeff McNeil took care of the rest.

Alonso then went home, McNeil pinched, broke the tie with a two-run double and the Mets beat the Toronto Blue Jays on a successful start to the hill on Sunday.

Acquired in a trade from Tampa Bay on Friday, Lefty, 41, stepped right into a New York injury-prone turn and delivered for NL East leaders.

“It was a great win today and I’m glad I was able to partner,” Hill said.

Five relievers chased him and stopped Toronto by one run in four innings. Edwin Diaz scored three runs in the Hotel Les Ninth, dismissing clean-up batsman Bo Bechti on a full count slider at number 21 with runner-up at number two.

Hill bowled just 49 pitches in the first five innings and worked almost a lead in three lead-off doubles, taking four hit shots in the sixth before getting into trouble for the third time through Toronto’s powerful line-up.

The veteran curve bowler, pitching for his 11th team in 17 major league seasons, allowed the first three hitters to reach sixth and was removed. They exited the mound with bases filled by the Cityfield crowd of 23,675.

“It was a crazy two days,” Hill said, adding that his wife and son still live in Tampa, Florida. “It’s like a storm.”

Seth Logo (3-1) allowed the runners to score in all three innings, on two singles singles, as the Blue Jays took a 3-1 lead. But then Logo limited the damage, and Alonso tied reliever Rover Borucci in the bottom half with a two-run drive off the run.

As he began to walk around the bases, and happily digging up the club’s full domestic run horse, the fellow looked at his teammates with palms.

Alonso hit three homers to help New York pick two of the three in the series. He has five home runs since the All-Star break, when he repeated as home run derby champion.

“I don’t know if Derby played a role, but they are still very confident,” said Mets manager Louis Rosas.

McNeil later led New York to a 5-3 lead in the innings and extended his winning streak to 12 games higher than his career with a right-center shot from Jacques Barnes (1-2), via the Mets. It last traded at Blue Jays last month

Toronto beat eighth-ranked Trevor May 5-2 in the eighth over on the Tuscar Hernandez’s RBI singles, who, along with Edwin Loop, escaped an out-jam. Loop retired Kevin Bigeau to end the innings.

JD Davis doubled for the Mets in the second and scored on Jonathan Wheeler’s single.

Toronto is stuck with nine runners, ending 14-4 in interleague play this season and 2-14 against the Mets in Queens.

“It’s amazing. When you see a guy like Rich Hill, you look like you’re going to be able to kill him,” said Charlie Montevio, manager of the Blue Jays. “But that’s what they do.” There is a pitcher and he keeps the boys out of balance and when he has to, he makes a big window. “

Number game

Behind the Hall of Fame lefty Warren Spin became the second oldest pitcher to carry the Mets, in 1965 at the age of 43. … New York has already used 55 players this season, one of the shortest franchise records in 2018. Sixteen pitchers have launched a game for the Mets this year, at most major companies.

Positive signature

Toronto starter Ross Sterling was bowled out for a poor outside pair, scoring six runs in five innings and striking out six.

“They were much better today,” Manto said.

Trainer’s room

Blue Jays: Pitching coach Pat Walker says rookie RHP Alec Manoha will rejoin the rotation after throwing 60-75 pitches in an artificial game in Florida on Monday. Manoah is blowing a pinch on the right side of his back.

Mets: According to Rojas, RHP Jacob de Groom (arm strain) threw a mound and felt good. He said de Groom is making progress, but the next step has not yet been decided and no decision will be made until the two-time Sai Young Award-winning “full tilt” off a hill. Until then, a minor maintenance assignment should be scheduled in the league. … RHP Carlos Carraso may be ready to join the Mets after the start of a strong recovery for Triple-A Syracuse on Sunday. Kirasco, 34, struck out six and was unbeaten in two hitball three-score innings against Buffalo. He threw 32 out of 38 pitches for the strike last time out. “It’s very encouraging,” Rosas said, adding that Carusco’s next show could be for older people or minors. Caruso, who also brought Francisco Linder to New York, was ruled out of the season after recovering from a hamstring injury after returning from Cleveland in the January trade. … McNeil missed his third consecutive start due to left foot fatigue but is expected to start the game against Atlanta in Monday’s double header.

Next next

Blue Jays: RHP Thomas Hatch started his season in Boston on Monday night, in the opener of the four-match series against RHP Nick Pewita (8-4, 4.37 ERA).

Mets: Start a five-game home series against Atlanta on Monday with a double header. RHP Marks Strowman (7-8, 2.59) is scheduled to launch the opener with Nightcap TBD. There are five games behind the third-ranked Brave Mets.


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