Although the ICE has finally stepped up vaccination efforts, not detaining immigrants is still the best way to go.

In a call to the Biden administration. This past June, Younis Cho, Senior Staff Attorney, ACLU National Prison Project. Said T.o The continued neglect of people in ICE custody is “unacceptable and incomprehensible, especially at a time when vaccines are plentiful.” For months, the ICE’s “plan” for vaccination was simply to get states to evaluate it, with predictable consequences. Immigrants were detained in California. Eligible for the vaccine in March.The lawyers were there at the time. Detained immigrants in New York are struggling to protect themselves.. “You’re not doing anything to vaccinate them.” Mother Jones. Reported A federal judge told authorities in March. “Nothing. Zero.” Yes, and yes.

Vaccinations inside ICE detention centers increased when U.S. District Court Judge Jesus Bernal in Los Angeles instructed the agency in late June to order all detainees to be treated for chronic medical conditions or those over 55 years of age. Offer the vaccineAccording to CBS News, government lawyers initially said it was not logically possible. 3 8.3 billion annual funding. And can’t figure out how to distribute a vaccine that is usually available based on the walk-in in your local CVS? Okay fine.

But while more immigrants in ICE custody are finally being protected, CBS News reports that about 6,000 people have so far refused to be vaccinated. This is not surprising, Consider the history of ICE medical malpractice. “They see little reason to trust those who are being held in inhumane conditions without proper medical care to begin with.

ButExperts say the ICE is not doing enough to educate detainees about the basics of the vaccine. This can contribute significantly to negative numbers.

“Often what I hear and see from patients is that there will be large, large-scale presentations, where an entire residential area will be told, ‘Take it or leave it.’ Homer Venters. Told CBS News. “It’s a way that some people get vaccinated. They don’t seem to be getting it.

“To allay misinformation and fears about the vaccine, Venters said ICE detainees should be allowed to have one-on-one sessions with doctors and community advocates,” Venters said. “They should also learn about the benefits of vaccines in the languages ​​they understand,” he noted. This is an incredibly important note, as many refugees can only speak the vernacular. “Even though DHS comes in contact with a wide range of foreign language speakers from any federal agency, it lags far behind in providing real-time interpretation for those looking for their needs. Is styled. Progress Said In 2019.

It still needs to be reiterated that the best way to keep migrants safe is not to lock them up in harmful detention facilities first. Remember that when government officials were asked under oath whether they would put their family members in these facilities, He declined to comment directly..

“Fiscal year 2020 was the deadliest in 15 years in ICE custody,” the ACLU said. Said In April. “Just in the last year, we’ve seen increasing reports. Use of force, Solitary confinement, Patterns of sexual abuse, Forced sterilization, And one Complete failure ICE’s gross negligence in handling the COVID-19 virus to protect people from COVID-19 has shown that it has clearly neglected the health and well-being of detainees, as well as the extent to which it Agreed Lying Or Ambiguous To avoid accountability

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