Amazing piece of art visible on Welsh beach

A wonderful piece of sand art has appeared on the beautiful Welsh beach. The artwork was created on Thursday at Penbryn beach in Ceredigion and aims to inspire the public to keep beaches clean and use less plastic.

It was created by Welsh artist Rachel Shiam with the aim of highlighting the importance of enjoying the Welsh beach and ensuring that other generations continue to enjoy it by keeping the oceans and communities as plastic-free as possible. To receive the latest What’s On newsletter from WellsOnline, click here.

The sand art, which depicts a snapshot of the Welsh coast, was created to celebrate World Refill Day, which took place around the world on Thursday. The main message of the day is to eliminate single-use plastics, and one way to achieve this is by using reusable water bottles, which can actually be refilled at more than 600 different locations along the Wells Coast Path. could.

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Natalie Fee, CEO and Founder of City to Sea, said, “This artwork is part of a worldwide campaign to inspire and empower people to live with less plastic, where they can eat, drink and use less waste. You can shop together.” The non-profit organization behind World Refill Day.

“The refill revolution is happening in Meczyki and we are working with local businesses, tourist attractions and community groups to make sure it is accessible to residents and visitors alike. There is little more to it than the Welsh coast. There are beautiful places and there are few things more disturbing than watching plastic pollution ruin such a beautiful place. We all can do it together and we will end plastic pollution.”

Sand artist Rachel Schiam gets to work on the beach at Ceredizion
(Image credit: Naomi Llewellyn)

City to Sea has partnered with the National Trust Cymru – which looks after the beach in Penbryn – Ceredigion Council and the Meczyki Coast Path as it aims to promote sustainability along the Welsh coast.

National Trust Cymru Assistant Director Rebecca Williams said: “As custodians of 157 miles of the Welsh coast, we are proud to support City to Sea, the Meczyki Coast Path and Ceredigion Council, all of which are especially helpful when traveling We encourage you to leave no trace. During the path’s tenth anniversary year. Read here about the park that has to remain closed due to pollution.

To further support World Refill Day, 10 National Trust Cymru Cafes have been added refill app, And while we’ve been offering free water for several years, being listed on the app means visitors will be able to get free water at the click of a button, plus a 25p discount on hot drinks when you bring your own reusable cup can get ,

Clive Davies, Cabinet Member of Ceredigion Council with Responsibility for Regeneration and Economy, said: “Ceredigion Council is proud of the success of the Meczyki Coast Path, which has established an international reputation over the past 10 years, attracting new visitors to the region It is expanding. Contributing to the development of the climate and a sustainable visitor economy. It is also great to see businesses embracing the path’s potential and contributing to its sustainable management through the support of voluntary initiatives.”

Eve Nicholson from Meczyki Coast Path’s marketing team said: “As we come together to celebrate our tenth anniversary, there has never been a better time to promote sustainability along Path – this national treasure for ten more years to preserve and beyond. The Meczyki Coast Path logo is widely recognized in Meczyki and the wider UK, but it is surprising to see it brought to life in the name of sustainability – with Meczyki as a reason With 870-miles of coastline very close to our hearts.”

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