Amazon Prime Day 2022: What to expect in date confirmation and sales.


It’s that time of year again: the birds are tweeting, the summer sun is shining through the windows, and bidders around the world are starting to waver in anticipation of the year. Amazon Prime Day

Annual sales from the Internet’s “everything store” reduce the RRP of millions of products: home furnishings, beauty, toys, tech, food and more. Despite its name, Amazon Prime Day is a two-day event, and each year deals not only on physical products but also with special offers and promotions on Prime Video, Amazon Music, Audible Audio Box, Fire TV and much more. Makes a fuss

When is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Mark your diaries: This year the worldwide event will be from 00:01 p.m. July 12 Until 11.59 p.m. July 13, Gives you plenty of time to bag items on your wish list. This brings Amazon Prime Day back to its usual spring / summer billing back in October 2020, thanks to epidemic demands.

How often does Amazon hold a Prime Day Sale?

This has been happening every year since the opening ceremony in 2015. What started as a one-day sale exclusively for Prime members in celebration of Amazon’s 20th anniversary has turned into a major event on the global shopping calendar.

Take this year, for example: Prime Day is not just about the UK. Bargain Bonanza will be held in more than 20 countries around the world, saving millions of members serious money on recognized brands as well as small businesses from everyday needs, fashion, tech, food and more.

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What are the deals on Amazon Prime Day?

As an Amazon Prime Day professional, we usually see two types of deals at the event: Lightning Deals and Deals of the Day.

Lightning Deals are flash sales, with very limited stock available at short knockout prices for a short, fixed period. If you want them, you need to hurry. Once they’re gone – they’re gone.

Deals of the day, meanwhile, are less than a crazy dash for online checkout. They showcase deals on specific products that you can think about all day long before you decide to buy.

Between the two, you can usually pick up all sorts of items on your shopping list. All of this, as well as unlimited delivery, the next day or in some cases, with more products for the same day delivery.

Along with the product, there is a great opportunity for deals, offers and exclusive content from Amazon Music, Prime Video and Twitch Prime.

What were the best deals of the last year?

Prime Video, Amazon Music and Prime Gaming had 2 million deals on categories last year, as well as special content and entertainment. Consumers around the world collectively bought 250 million items but saved more than any other prime day before 2021.


As usual on Prime Day, the best deals to be scored were on tech and home appliances. Ninja’s Multi-Function Foodie Max Health Grill and Air FryerThat could air-fry, back, roast, reheat, dehydrate and grill, as well as make a decent kitchen practically obsolete, from £ 249.99 to £ 149.99, down to £ 100. Nutrients Sold for at least £ 43, while BBQ Kings and Queens were worth it Camping Party Girl For £ 66.99, it was 129.99.

While we can’t say for sure, it certainly felt like a digital stampede of hungry food buyers across the country.

Meanwhile the price Bates Solo 3 Wireless On Air Headphones The original RRP of 179.95 dropped to £ 94.99, and health fans were able to Fitbit Versa 2 Smart Watch at £ 113, less than £ 199.99.

One of the best deals we’ve seen is a brand new قیمت 130 discount (at the time) IPhone 12, Dropping it from £ 935 to £ 879.99. Aside from Amazon, these deals are virtually unheard of.

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What to expect this year

Every year, Amazon teases about its biggest, worst, boldest sales – and they never give up. There are some big names in this mix – including Sony, Braun, Oral-B, Ray-Ban, Nikon, Phillips, Beats, Samsung, Apple and many more.

Whether you’ve got a shopping list carefully, or you’re just doing window shopping waiting to jump on an incredible deal, there are some things you can’t find at Amazon’s Prime Day Sale. Are

Along with home and holiday essentials, Sales offers the perfect time to buy low-cost tickets (hello, new OLED TV or hybrid mattress), bag Christmas and birthday gifts soon, or just treat you. For a fraction of the price we own after the last few years, who doesn’t deserve it?

Are there any deals yet?

Yes! Amazon has a Daily deals Page that offers 24 hour promotions. This is where you can find deals in all categories from Amazon devices like Kindle, Echo and Alexa to furniture, kitchen tools, beauty and tech.

As good as these deals are, they are no match for the offers available on Amazon Prime Day. Which brings us to the next, important part neatly …

How to take advantage of prime day deals.

Amazon’s Prime Day Sale is for Prime members only. Sign up is required If you intend to make any bargains in Amazon sales. Along with the next day’s delivery of thousands of products, Amazon Prime membership also opens up the world of video, books and music streaming services.

Students can join the action with it. Amazon studentWhich costs £ 3.99 a month (after a six-month free trial, ie!), And comes with discounts and offers for those still in education.

How much does Amazon Prime membership cost?

You can either pay £ 7.99 a month or pay a فیس 79 annual fee, whichever works best for your budget. If you haven’t signed up yet because you’re not sure if this is for you, Try a 30 day free trial. Before selling and see how you like it. Those who come to trials will still be able to buy cells, even if you do not maintain the subscription after that.

But really, with the next day delivery on thousands of products, Amazon Prime membership also opens up the world of video, books, groceries, gaming and music streaming services. Not to mention new benefits and tie-ups available all the time, such as free Deliver Plus membership, access to the Amazon launch pad where you can find new products from startups, and try before you buy on Amazon Fashion where You can try on six. Pay for the things you want at home and return what you don’t want for free.