América y Real Madrid se reencuentran seis años después

Las Águilas del América are not doing well in the last days, because the busy agenda has brought them fatigue and many defeats, something that could change if this Tuesday defeats Real Madrid and the team is moving to the United States. Unidos.

After six years, America and Real Madrid faced each other, the last time they did it was in 2016 in the semifinal of the Club World Cup, where the Merengues rose to victory in 2016 and goals. de Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo

America and Real Madrid have clashed on four occasions throughout their history, according to the official portal of the Eagles. Los dos primeros encuentros entre América y Real Madrid se jugaron en la época amateur del futbol mexicano, specifically in 1927.

On that occasion, the Spanish team beat the Cremas with scores of 2-4 and 3-5. Suinaga and Garcés scored for America in the first encounter, for the second duel they scored for our cause Contreras, Carreño and the goleador Ernesto Sota.

Last August 4, 2010, at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California, the two teams were preparing for their respective leagues, and the fans in California appreciated the show on the field, as they disputed a muyóque-3 party. Merengues.

Hasta el momento van four parties between both squads and the balance is one hundred percent favorable to Real Madrid, since they have never lost against America, but both teams have lost, Carlo Ancelona and Carlo Ancelotti for them. del Tano Ortiz vs. Los Xolos en la Jornada 4 del Apertura 2022 de la Liga MX.

Los resultados en el América no están siendo lo que se espera y no precisely por la gira que tiene el equipo en Estados estados ante equipos de talla mundial, sino que en la Liga MX están dejando mucho que desesare.

Ricardo Gareca and Antonio Mohammad are the two trainers who are always sounding more strong to reach Coapa, so they have already warned that they will not pass another defeat.

Gareca stopped being the trainer of the Selección de Perú, pues no llegaron a un arrego y los directivos Andinos decided to hacer a un lado al argentino, a pesar de que sus futbolistas lo defendieron. His salary will be between 3 million dollars.

Por su parte, el Turco Mohammad de una manera unaudita fue despedido del Atlético Mineiro de Brasil, el estratega los jó jó champions y en los cuartos de final de la Copa.

Libertadores, por lo que la afición aún se pregunta qué pasó. El sueldo del argentino would be between 2 and 2.5 million dollars.

El América is not the only team that wants Ricardo Gareca or Antonio Mohamed on their bench, because Chivas are already asking for the coaches, because their real team is not giving results.

La Selección Nacional de México knows that it will be very complicated that Gerardo Martino and his directors accedan to the fifth party and the relationship between directors and the Tata is not very good, por lo que ya sondean en el mercado.

Gareca is a trained trainer at the level of selections, and Mohammad knows perfectly Mexican football and his players, so it would be a great option.

Las Águilas only add up to four points out of 15 possible and occupy the 15th place out of 18 teams in Liga MX, so the victories are urgent before more time passes and they move away from the red zone.

Como bien se sabe el futbol mexicano es muy benevolente y, por lo mismo, cualquier equipo puede meterse a la repesca, aunque iniciaran mal el campeonato.

  • El dato: Several of the players who are currently active in America, like Memo Ochoa and Álvaro Fidalgo, have declared that the Eagles are Real Madrid de México.