AMLO and Evelyn Salgado Opening Primera etapa del Libramiento Poniente de Acapulco

La Gobernadora de Guerrero, Evelyn Salgado Paneda, akampañó al presidente de la República, Anders Manuel Lopez Obrador to open and list the first list of the Libramiento Poniente of Acapulco, The one who invites more than 4 million 248 million pesos, To reduce the distance of 21 km from the city that will allow the mayor to connect to the Costa Grande zone and to increase the tourism and commerce rubbers.

In his message, the governor agrees to support President López Obrador for impulsive programs on social diversities and infrastructure projects. destinados a chambiar el rostro del estado, Promoting pacific transformation, profunda and radical a favor de las y los guerrerenses.

“Every now and then Guerrero will come to the rescue of his manera, with all this guery and that Guerrero is his house. Since we have a president with this determination, to personally supervise all the obras and all the compromises, to regulate, to verify, to make the first order from the advancement of the programs and from the infrastructure of the state that is transforming our state ”, followed by the mandate.

In this Marco, se refiraó a la gira que realizó en la entidad And that concludes with the opening of this obra, which seeks to position Guerrero in the development of potential turquoise and productivity. the impulse services of the first product and services.

“This will allow you to do more quickly and efficiently connect the Acapulco with the Costa Grande, This is very important, because it will give you the potential of tourism and economics of these regions. For this is a great obra, that we have a lot of love, Beta 21 km which means miles of businesses; There was a history story that benefited more than 800 million inhabitants of Acapulco and Coyuca de Benítez. It is a liberation from the autopista of Sol with the Regiment of Costa Grande, generating attraction for commercial and commercial hacking of Guerrero’s French franchise “, added.

Before the President, Evelyn Salgado expresses her gratitude for this freedom, which will allow the commercialization of products like the coco, mango, Jamaica, miel, entre otros, Fortify the products and producers, as well as the negatives of families.

In your message, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador celebrates the end of this first season, Which of the following is not included in the anterior administration and the termination of the duo luego de ocho años; Because he gave a clause that could be used to generate the development of the country, he needed to combat the corruption and coordinate a deal.

Al respecto detaló que hay un acuerdo con los ejidatarios, to indemnify correctly by the terrors that were destined to be released from this liberation The maneuver that took place at a prime time gave him an anticipation of 3 million pesos, with the compromise of having a total of 30 million pesos.

Destacó que junto con Oaxaca y Chiapas, Guerrero is one of the entities that received the most support by part of the Federation, For the benefit of programs of social and business sectors like the campers, the waiters, the adults mayors, the individuals discapacitated, the students, the youngsters, among others.

“Aquí en Guerrero, de acuerdo al censo de población, Beta 942 million, about one million live, What are some of the benefits of Bienestar programs? Uncategorized 97 mil 322. what is the meaning of this? That all Guerrero’s hogs, when I heard one of the federal presuppositions “, explained.

Completely finished, Referendum on compromise and support for Gov. Evelyn Salgado Pineda and co-opted in its politics of territorial and esoteric manipulations, to prioritize the direct access to manera with the publicity, to conceive cuáles are its necessities and ponce marca las accusines necesarias.

In addition to the title of the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport (SICT), George Organis Diaz Lille, Given that this first act of liberation is a realization that there is a number of accusations in the material of the actual administration of the administration, to impress the regional development and to promote the prosperity of all nations. Y agregó: “Se tiene la convicción que a través de la infrastructura y los programs a sociales, If this is forging a more equitable and with more opportunities for everyone, primarily in aquellas regions with alto niveles de marginación “.

Acquire with the information provided by the subsecretory of the SICT infrastructure, George Novo Lara, esta obra que abarca el tramo La Venta-Bajos del Ejido, has a length of 21 km; with 4 points, 2 entrances to the deck, 4 viaductos, 3 crucifix structures, 3 tunnels and a cobra cassette. Generally more than 12 million 700 direct and 50 million indirect, There were 4 million 248.8 million pesos.

Asistieron la Presidenta Municipal de Acapulco, Abelina Lopez Rodriguez; Director General de Caminos and Points Federals, Elsa Julita Veites Arévalo El Cenador de la Repبلblica, Felix Salgado Macedonio between two.