AMLO reconsidered its appointment in Banxico

After various political actors released the news that the former secretary of Hacienda, Arturo Herrera, was not considered for the Presidency of Banxico, he confirmed it through his official Twitter account:

With regard to the information released today, I would like to confirm that President López Obrador actually informed me a week ago that he had decided to reconsider my appointment as Head of the Bank of Mexico., wrote Arturo Herrera.

This afternoon, the Chairman of the Political Coordination Board of the Senate, Ricardo Monreal, had stated that it would not be Arturo Herrera who succeeded Alejandro Diaz de Leon in the office.

“The Executive withdrew the appointment, since August, it is not for the governor, it is for the board member and the board (in Banxico) continues to elect him. But since August, the executive office withdrew the appointment and we do nothing but accept the decision”, in Monreal.

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Today the journalist revealed Carlos Loret de Mola in its title column “AMLO left Herrera for Banxicopublished this day in VANGUARD that Herrera would no longer be the favorite to lead Banxico: “On August 16, by official letter CP2R3A.-1757, Senate President – Green Party Legislator Eduardo Ramírez Aguilar – PAN Senator Kenya López Rabadán, Chairman of the Third Committee, announced that the appointment was withdrawn. De Herrera” in order to enlarge the file . “But nothing happened afterwards, that is, for three months the appointment of Herrera was thrown back in committees, in so far as during the present ordinary session of the Senate the appointment sent by the executives has not been rotated nor has been resolved in plenary. ”.

AND Loret de Mola it is questioned whether President regretted the appointment due to “Herrera would not be willing to become his executive arm for milking money from the central bank in an unorthodox and even illegal way.” because we remember it Lopez Obrador he has made it clear to the public that he wants to get his hands on international reserves and spend them on his government programs.


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