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The periodista Antonio de la CruzReporter del Diario Expresso, Victoria Ciudad, Tamaulipas, fue aseninado la mañana de este miércoles. At the end of the day, the result was her hija, Cynthia de la CruzWho will be admitted to the hospitalized hospital?

El de de la Cruz es The Committee on Assassination of Mexico in Mexico contracted a periodical in the year 2022I think he’s the profile to be the most mortal in what was the sex of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and also the most mortal of the last 22 years, that’s to say, the ultimate.

The most deadly for periodists in the AMLO sex scene

Acuerdo con Article 19, Organized independently to promote and define the expressions of freedom of expression, there are 12 periodic ascendants in the year 2022.

“Even though, the organizations have identified that, in the midst of these cases, the movil can be invisible with its periodic exercise”, Article 19 and a Communication of the 24th Amendment, as.

Periodic ascendants in Mexico in the year 2022

فیچا No. Medio Estado
10D Enro Jose Luis Gamboa Arens Informative Network Veracruz
17 de Enro Margaret Martinez Esquel Free Baja California
23 D. Enro Lourdes Maldonado Lopez Sintoniza Sin Censura Baja California
31 D. Enro Roberto Toledo Monitor Michoacán. Michoacán
February 10 Heber Lopez Vazquez Notes Web Oaxaca
February 24 George Louis Camero Zazota L. Informative سونورا
4D Marzo Juan Carlos Meuse Testigo Manero زکاٹیکاس
15 de Marzo Armando Lenaris Lopez Monitor Michoacán. Michoacán
May 5th Luis Enrique Ramirez Ramos L. Debate سینالوا
May 9 Isenia Molindo Falconi. El Veraz Veracruz
May 9 Sheila Johanna Garcia Oliveira El Veraz Veracruz
29 de Junio Antonio de la Cruz Expresso تمولیپاس

Veracruz, Baja California and Mikokin son of the states in which, this año, ocurrido more accustomed periodists.

you have it The new homicides are now on the hombres and three on the mujeres..

The AMLO has no other data

On the 19th of May, without embarking, the goblins of President López Obrador only reconciled the new assemblies and no 11 periodists.

that day, Ricardo Mejia BardejaThe Secretary of Public Security, assisted by the ‘President’ of the President who officially laid the foundation for the investigation of the Fiscalís carpets, as well as the testimonials of the victims’ families.

See what happens in the case of new cases (periodist ascended). If you see that son 11, we will see that we are new because everyone is supported in the actions of the Ministerial Fiscal and The testimonials of the victorious families, which refers to the fact that it was the principal activity of its victorious families ”, said its function.

Associnatos a periodistas de Fox a AMLO

From Lopéz Obrador is President of Mexico, 37 periodists are ascendants in the countryA chiffra que ha causado alarma, pues es la m dess alta desde el 2000, aoo en el que inicia el registro de Artículo 19.

Since the organization, only in 2017, during the time of Enrique Peña Nieto, he has been registered with 12 periodists in Mexico; cifra que ya se ha alcanzado en los primeros seis meses de 2022.

The modus operandi of López Obrador, to which the two sides and the mediocre for its conclusion, would have to be the most mortal to the periodists from the administration of Vicente Fox.

See the data of Art 19, on the goblin Vicente Fox Quesada, registered 22 assignments to periodists; en el de Philip Calderon Hinojusa, 48; en el de Enrique Peیناa Nieto47, y en los tres años y medio de lo que va del gobierno de Anders Manuel Lopez Obrador37.

Article 19 has been published since the beginning of December, in December 2018, there were 945 agrees against the prince in the country, including the present, more than 37, 555 with the first three. Peña Nieto.


In 3 days, AMLO has lost 2 million at least a year

In this panorama, the international organizations have been able to find the Violence against the periodicists in Mexico or with the impunity.

The 21st of June, the representative in Mexico from the Alto Commission of the United Nations for the human rights, Guillermo Fernández-Maldonado, who believes that the impending continent is supernatural in the human world of 900 years cesar.

“The anecdote or contradiction is that in all that exists (periodists and defenders) is the complement of the ley pero son these are the people who have committed crimes, attachments and accusations. And those who are not afirmó Fernández-Maldonado.

El 19 de abril, por su parte, la Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa (SIP) advises that the critics of President López Obrador to the prince Abonaban a “Clima de descompositión“y violencia.

In an information about Mexico, the SIP retrieves data from Article 19, since the federal mandate has been granted 945 million times since the start of the legislature in December 2018.

Agency Information.