AMLO’s power reform will begin its tour of San Lisaro next week – El Financiero.

Next week Energy Commission and Constitutional Points Commission Deputy Manuel Rodriguez Gonzalez was informed that members of the Chamber of Deputies would review the move to amend the constitution on energy issues.

Constitutional points will be installed early next week. Once this is done, we will convene a joint meeting to find a way out, a calendar for all analysts and an open parliamentary forum that is already committed. Installation of Energy Commission

Stressed on it. Through an open parliament All opinions will be heard and valued and then an internal analysis will be submitted through joint committees.

“It will be a very broad and participatory debate, especially with different views,” he said.

“I have discussed this with Deputy Ramirez Robildo Ruiz (President of the Constitutional Points Commission). We can reach a consensus so that the opinion presented by the deputies is the best for Mexico. “

He reiterated that further strengthening the proposal sent by President Anders Manuel Lopez Obrador would be a fully open parliamentary process, and “of course it will be something we legislators will be proud of.”

Similarly, he added, the Republic has constant contact with the Senate, especially with the President of the Energy Commission, Senator Roko Abreu, to meet at the Chambers Conference so that the work that deputies do is a material that enters directly. happens. For discussion in your co-legislator.

It is clear that legislators and both houses have the right to participate, if necessary, but if we work in unison, it is very likely that what is set out here in the Senate Energy Committee This will be discussed. Complete, “he said.

He reminded that a mechanism would be worked out to work with the Senate if both the houses convened a conference.

“There we can collaborate on this kind of material to exchange information, opinions and pave the way so that things are already very solid with the chamber of origin,” he added.


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