Amprados, 150 minors for vaccination, El Siglo de Turin.

There are already 150 children safe in the state of Durango, whose parents began the process of seeking a vaccine against Covid 19, of which only 33 have been treated, none from the Lagunira region. The welfare delegation announced that this could happen in the month when the campaign for minors will be launched.

The registry for the care of minors between the ages of 12 and 17 is open on the portal, but this call is only for those who have a health or physical condition that makes them vulnerable.

In view of this, the Secretary of State for Health, Sergio Gonzlez Romero, predicts that emperors will continue to be offered by parents who avoid the complications of caring for their children in the case of COVID-contagion. Can be born. 19

The Secretary of Health stressed that “150 children are safe here and if we are ordered by a judge we have to follow it (…) I will never listen to the judge’s instructions.”

Regarding untreated cases in the Laguna area, Gonzalez Romero said he would review each of them to determine their condition.

Explaining, the health minister said, “I will review it if they are not addressed, because they do not have the requirements, because there is a protocol at the national level, its coming and something else. do not have.” .

For his part, Edgar Morales Grafias, the Welfare Representative in Durango, announced that this could be before the end of October, when vaccinations for minors with low back pain begin.

“We’re going to start in mid-October. We’re working on a strategy with the military, with the State Health Secretariat. We’ve had various meetings. We’re waiting for a date so we can make an organized call.” The delegate said

He explained that care would be taken in hospitals so that any reactions in minors and adolescents could be addressed.


Se amparan para obtener vacunación:

*Son 150 los niños cuyos padres han recurrido al amparo para poder vacunarlos contra el COVID-19.

*De La Laguna, la Dirección Regional de Bienestar informó que cinco de los amparos eran de Gómez Palacio.

*En La Laguna no se han atendido menores de edad tras haber recurrido al amparo.

*Actualmente está abierto el registro de vacunación para menores de 12 a 17 años, pero solo aquellos que presenten comorbilidades que los vuelvan vulnerables.

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