An armed attacker from the Frontier warehouse was involved in the operation.

Frontier, COAH- Thomas “Ann” Who was Captured on video cameras When Armed robbery And submitted. A warehouse manager In the municipality BorderAgents arrested State Attorney General And was presented to a judge this Friday, October 8.

Inside a criminal case. 611/2021. The judge informed him of his legal detention, charged him, and he eventually became involved in the crime. Increasing robbery To be committed to a place where it is intended. Commerce And they are capable of committing intimidation with weapons.

As a precaution, Unofficial pre-trial detention For which he was transferred to the Saltillo Penitentiary Center. Two months of research The hearing, which was set as a deadline, will resume on December 9.

It should be noted that the incidents took place in the past. September 30 From 2021 at about 8:30 a.m., a business is called a designated entry. “Six” Located in Libertad Street Colony May 10, Frontier. And I threaten the victim. Squad Gun Who brought it

At the same time, he asked her to give him everything. Money What he had, The hunting struggle With the accused and he managed to snatch one. 10 carat gold chain. After that with a pendant he wore around his neck Business employee And it opens the curtain.

That was when Thomas “Ann” He looks surprised Holds the prey tightly. And He grabbed his arm and walked out of the businessThe accused is already out. Threw the prey And came out Running from place to place. Take control of it. Gold chains and pendants.

It was about a week before the individual was found and finally. He was arrested this Thursday. And this He was produced before a control judge on Friday. In the central part of the state


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