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Last year, the National Commission on Minimum Wages (Conasami) reported a 15 percent increase in the minimum wage across the country.

At present, our minimum wage is 141.7 pesos per day in the country, while the minimum wage for the Northern Border Free Zone is 213.39 pesos per day.

With the increase, the minimum wage went from 123.22 pesos to the 141.2 pesos we have today.

When reviewing minimum wage tableThere are two professions that share the same salary throughout the country, daily press reporters and daily press photojournalists, who earn at least 314.29 pesos a day.

The adjustment made by the Commission last year benefited 22.5 percent of all workers affiliated with the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), that is, 4 million 552 thousand 626 Mexicans.

The minimum wage has increased during last three years in Mexico under the López Obrador government: for 2019 an increase of 16% was agreed and for In 2020, the upward adjustment was 20 percent. In both increases, it was a coincidence: the government, represented by the representative body of the National Commission on Minimum Wages (Conasami); the labor market and the employer sector voted yes.


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