Angela Aguilar turns 18 and her father celebrates with a moving message – El Financiero.

Angela Aguilar celebrated her birthday this Friday. The singer presents himself as a figure of the Mexican regional genre in the 21st century. His talent and collaborative plans soon made him one of the favorites of his generation.

Friends and family congratulated Angela on her 18th birthday, but one message that stood out the most was from her father, Pepe Aguilar.

The love and deep admiration for Angela is reflected in the words the singer released via Instagram post.

Congratulations open with a tender name and some impressions of how much Angela means to Pep Aguilar. He also highlighted that learning has been mutual from the beginning:

“Dear daughter. There are no words that can accurately describe the love I have for you and what you have always done for me. I love you so much and I am so proud that you Who you are and how you got there, it’s a luxury to guide you, learn from you (and with you) and find you every day. “

On the other hand, it highlights Angela’s generosity and deep sense of humanity, which reflects the quality of a young singer.

“Discover the great man you are, with such a good heart and constant and unconditional devotion. Always look for everyone around you so that he will always be fine. I thank God that he gave me. Allow me to live with someone like you. And I’m so grateful to have the privilege of being your father. “

It should be noted that the praise of other personalities of the artistic environment such as Euridia, Chavez Rivera and Anna Barbara did not wait for the congratulatory messages from Angela.


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