Angelo Caro Narwaz became the first Olympic skateboarder to injure a nut

Come on, man.  Poor boy.

Come on, man. Poor boy.
Screenshot: NBC Sports

You may not know the name Vanco Bogatage, but if you are a fan of sports of a certain age, you have seen it more often than not.

If that helps, Bogatage is the former ski jumper for Yugoslavia. A little more zeroing in, though you’ve seen it many times, you’ve probably never seen it in direct competition. Does “Obrestdorf, West Germany” mean anything to you?

If he didn’t finish it, it would be: the pain of defeat.

The Bogatage is the ski jumper whose 1970s crash became synonymous with ABC’s Wide World Sports and the “Thrill of Victory” competition, the clips of which can vary from week to week. On the other hand, Bogtaj’s accident continued on American television until the Wide World wind blew in 1988.

Although he had not known his American reputation for years, Bogtaj embraced him and earlier this year, WFA in Dallas Stuck with him to find out that, yes, he is a big fan of Slovenian teammate Luka Donisi, and now he is also an artist.

Skateboarding is new to the Olympics this year, but the pain of defeat is not. And in the 21st century, his face – well, maybe not even his face – is Angelo Caro Norwegian of Peru.

Incredibly, Narvaez recovered from that spill in the men’s street preliminaries to be one of the eight competitors who made it to the final. Not only that, he finished fifth, ahead of stars Aurelien Giraud of France and Nyjah Huston of the United States. As the agony of defeat goes, that’s not so bad, although Narvaez probably still is gonna want to put some ice on that when he gets back to the Olympic Village.

Yuto Horigome won gold for Japan, with Brazil’s Kelvin Hoefler nailing a 9.34 on his last trick to take silver and American Jagger Eaton claiming bronze.


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