Anger over pornographic graffiti on Sutton Coldfield’s children’s playground

A series of obscene words and pictures have been taken from Birmingham’s children’s playground and neighboring tennis courts. And one mother is calling for immediate action to protect the area and provide more activities for young people in the area.

Excessive graffiti, including foul language and images, has been written on all play equipment in my Green Playground in Sutton Coldfield in recent weeks. And on the tennis courts, which were recently the subject of further vandalism when they had paint and a neighbor’s tennis table.

A mother, who asked not to be named, who uses the play area with her six-year-old son, was subjected to repeated vandalism. She is demanding better monitoring and faster action on the site.

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He said: “Since the vandalism was highlighted in March, nothing has been done to improve the area and recently, with insulting words, all the courts, exercise equipment and children’s playground Graffiti has been sprayed.

“I think it’s irrational and it’s destroying well-liked and well-used facilities for children. I think it’s probably being done by bored children who There is nothing better than that, but the words that are being written are offensive and it is happening all the time that apparently no action is being taken to repair and prevent it in the future.

“Why is no action being taken here? Why isn’t anyone taking care of it? ”

The table tennis table at my Green Community Hub in Sutton Coldfield is covered in graffiti – some of it porn

Sutton My Green City Council Representative Cllr Merion Jenkins (Cons.) Said they are familiar with graffiti and are working to clean it up. He was trying to find a long-term solution to the problem. He said: “I have received complaints from residents about graffiti and I am in touch with my Town Council colleagues about this.

“We need a short-term solution for pornography, but I am also arranging a meeting with a senior officer for the parks on site to discuss a number of long-term care issues.”

“Before this latest graffiti, I was talking to groups of residents that some of the play equipment looked tired and some of the railings needed to be repainted.

“There have been complaints about graffiti. It’s really unpleasant and not what you want in my greens in the play area. I’m hoping the Sutton Town Rangers have a short-term solution. Let’s go downstairs with the field office so we can talk about other things.

The mother said the area has some facilities for young children, such as playgrounds, and restaurants and bars for adults, but few facilities for young people. The 40-year-old said: “Something else needs to be done for older children. In my green at the moment you have facilities for small children and then a bar / restaurant but nothing in between.

“Sports and sports areas clearly need better surveillance, so those who are running it know when it was damaged. But if they can take preventative measures to prevent it, Would be even better

Sporting Goods In My Green Playground Are Covered In Pornographic Graffiti That Angers Residents And Area Councilors
Sporting goods in my green playground are covered in pornographic graffiti that angers residents and area councilors

Cllr Jenkins said tennis courts are facilities that older children can use and said he would support any pressure on youth facilities, but said it would need to come from the community. He added: “We have taken steps to make the tennis court available. There are some lessons. We have had a hard time keeping the court away from moss.

“There aren’t many arrangements for young people to run clubs outside of schools outside of tennis courts. If anyone wants to run such things, I’m happy to support it.

“Ordinary youth clubs may not be what people are looking for now.”

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A Birmingham City Council spokesman said: “The demolition is very disappointing and those responsible have no excuse for their actions. Regardless, nothing can justify this harmful behavior that shows no respect for our environment or for those who want to use our park facilities.

“All of our sites are inspected regularly but if anyone sees any aggressive graffiti, they should contact the council or ranger to deal with it. We will remove the graffiti as soon as possible. If graffiti is racist or aggressive, we intend to eliminate it within one working day.

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