Anthony Fookie warns that the United States has been placed in the “wrong direction” on Coveid – 19 – Mother Jones

Dr. Anthony Fookie, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, during the July 20 Senate hearing.Stephanie Reynolds / Zuma

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Cowed-19 has never been to the United States, but this summer, for a short time, the widespread availability of the vaccine has brought life back to normal in most parts of the country. But vaccination rates have dropped, a large number of eligible Americans have not yet been shot, and infections and hospital admissions are starting to rise again in the early part of the summer. There has been an increase in the seven-day average of new cases across the country 300% In the past month, as the traumatic “Delta Variety” has spread, hospitals in some states have once again been overwhelmed.

On Sunday, the president’s top adviser on epidemics, Dr. Anthony Fookie, confirmed that the nation had begun to retreat. “It’s not going to be good. We’re going in the wrong direction.” They said On CNN’s state union.

Foucault reiterated that Americans who have received the vaccine are largely immune to the corona virus and its Delta Edition, and are particularly opposed to hospitalization or death in Covid 19. ۔ Increasingly, hospitals are filling up with younger Americans who have chosen not to receive the vaccine.

“It’s really an epidemic in unorganized people.” “So it’s basically one of those rhetorical issues, that’s why we’re out there, practically asking unorganized people to go out and get polio drops,” Foucault said.

It’s not what anyone wants to hear right now, but Numbers do not lie. The reasons for the polio vaccination rate vary, but one important and completely unnecessary one is the deliberate effort of Republican elected officials and observers. Undercut Vaccination efforts. From Republican leaders to publicizing their own status of vaccination, to insisting on the wrong people to stop the government’s mandate, it clearly shows how this would be reflected in their own words of vaccine transfer. Is.

None of this had to happen, and that could mean a completely unnecessary illness. In recent times – with the current boom, things have taken another worrying turn All of a sudden Change some people’s messaging in GOP. But it may be difficult to get rid of the previous messaging. On Saturday, former President Donald Trump typed dissatisfaction with the effort. Tell supporters In Arizona – where he traveled More of his lies About the 2020 elections. “I suggest you take it, but I also believe in your freedom 100 percent.”

The reluctance to comment on the vaccine was completely understandable, Trump advised Joe Biden to try to stop it. “Because they don’t trust the president, people are not doing that.”

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