Anti-mask Alaska GOP senator gets COVID-19, gives him ‘prescription’ for treatment: Ivermectin, vitamins

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunlowy says he refuses to attend any hearings led by him because he “misrepresents” the state’s response to Covid 19. And this is from a governor. Strictly resistant mask mandate.

In April, Reynolds was banned from flying on Alaska Airlines for refusing to wear a mask. So in September, he had to apologize for his Senate duties for the rest of the year – because Alaska Airlines is the only carrier available to take its useless asshole to the state capital in Juno.

Alaska Airlines spokesman Tim Thompson said. Anchorage Daily News., “We have informed Senator Laura Reinbold that she is not allowed to fly with us for continuing to refuse to follow employee instructions regarding the current mask policy.”

In the typical Karen style, the video of the incident shows Ren Bold beating the airline staff, asking for their names and titles as he calmly explains that he had to cover his nose and mouth with a mask to fly. Should.

Huff Post reported. Rainbow has called Alaska Airlines a “mask traitor.”


Tuesday, The Anchorage Assembly finally passed the mask mandate. Despite fierce protests in the city, there were debates among protesters wearing the Star of David to match the need for masks to patches of clothing that Jews were forced to wear by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

The same protesters were represented by the GOP. Legislators who recently tried to pressure the governor to force the pharmacist to fill out the aurectan. After many of them refused to script COVID-19 as a treatment.

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