Anti-masked and racist bullies who threaten school board members may soon meet with the FBI.

As a result, Garland is directing. The FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office will meet with law enforcement leaders at all levels over the next 30 days to “discuss strategies to deal with this disturbing trend.” Garland explained that this could mean legal action against those who make such threats to school officials and workers.

Garland’s move comes a few days later. Call for help. The National School Boards Association (NSBA) wrote to President Joe Biden that “American public schools and their educational leaders are in immediate danger. Violence and intimidation are taking place across the country.”

In its letter, the NSBA details more than 20 cases of intimidation, harassment and harassment, including one in Illinois in September. Rising batteries and disorderly conduct to kill a school official at a meeting, and a Michigan man protesting wearing a mask with a Nazi salute.

“We’re coming after you,” the NSBA quoted a letter to an Ohio school board member as saying. “You’re forcing them to wear masks – for no reason other than control in this world. And you’ll pay a high price for that.” The letter also called the school board member a “dirty traitor.” Is.

This persecution is ongoing and widespread:


“That’s the line we’re going to die on. Shirley, get out.”

The Republican provocative machine quickly worked to paint Garland’s reaction as parental government repression.

Now Biden is deploying the FBI against parents who have concerns about their children’s critical race theory. Sen. Josh Holly tweeted.. “This is a significant and dangerous abuse of power.”

“Parents who have concerns” is one thing, Josh. Parents – and those who are not parents who appear at school board meetings because Republicans have established it as a new culture war – who threaten and oppress and mob are another thing, And the NSBA was asking for help, and Garland was speaking. No one is threatening to abuse force by asking parents questions. One should take a look at the author of “We are coming after you; you will pay a high price”.

And Holly’s objection shows how Republicans are actively pursuing public health policies and educating the race about the same culture. Although many of the threats and violence focus on masks and vaccines, Holly molded them into “critical race theory.” (Which, again, is not being taught to grade school children.)

The far right is targeting public education, using masks and races to flog people. It is a direct cause of assault, harassment and intimidation of school board members and teachers. And now that it has become too broad and serious for the federal government to try to stop it, Republicans are playing the hunt. Add another item to their list, “If it weren’t so dangerous,” it would be a pity.

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