Anti-masks on school boards are burning from coast to coast.

According to CNNOne week after classes began in Tampa, Hillsboro County officials announced that at least 5,599 students and 316 employees were isolated or quarantined due to the COVID-19 infection. The school board announced an emergency meeting Monday to discuss the effects of COVID-19 and mitigation strategies, including “mandatory face coverage for all students and staff.”

Of course, despite the known number of infections in the county and the fact that the state accounts for 25% of all COVID-19 infections nationwide, some parents still opposed the decision.

Officials first announced that they would need to cover their faces at school on August 7, but parents were able to get out. As of August 12, more than 27,900 parents had submitted opt-outs, CNN reported.

The need for masks comes at a time in Florida when the office of Gov. Ron de Santes said. The state can move forward to withhold salaries. Officials who enforce masks in schools. The GOP official, ignoring the residents of his state, left it up to the children whether their parents should wear masks or not.

Participated in similar opposition. North Carolina. Viral videos show masked men trying to “uproot” the local school board and recruit new members during a meeting of Republican Congressman Madison Couthorne.

While the board members just adjourned the meeting and left, the masked mob kept shouting at them. One woman, wearing a black T-shirt that said, “Uncover our children,” went viral after refusing to leave.

“I’m not leaving unless you rebel on behalf of the people, the people and the people,” he said.

But it doesn’t end there, because other states are facing similar problems. Since the beginning of August, several masked demonstrations have been reported in the states. California., Ohio., And Virginia.

Hours before the Virginia Beach School Board voted on the mask mandate, parents showed anger. According to Pilot online“There was a lot of noise at last week’s meeting.” Parents have accused the school board of abusing children and said members are going to hell for enforcing the mandatory mask mandate.

In one incident, a woman, as a teenage girl, said with a laugh that she was in favor of the mask because she was afraid of people like her father, who had a lung. The crowd also laughed when a board member spoke of consoling children who lost their parents in Code 19.

Clearly, these parents did not care about the health and safety of children in schools – only their own personal political agenda.

In Kentucky, the debate over the mask mandate has intensified. While some Republican lawmakers in the state believe decisions should be made locally, others say the need for schools and masks should be decided across the state.

“We love our children. We want good results for our children.” Sen. Ralph Alvarado said. “Our superintendents work very hard to make sure,” Alvarado said, adding that school boards know better what their counties and residents need.

While several lawmakers said they supported health measures, including vaccinations and wearing masks, they argued that these decisions should be left to parents. At board meetings in the state, parents argue that wearing a mask is against personal choice and liberty.

According to Of Courier Journal., Similar mask policies were in schools in the spring – with less controversy.

In Tennessee, parents not only protested the mask mandate during a school board meeting but also later harassed and threatened medical professionals. Daily Cos. “We know who you are. You can go free, but we will find you,” he threatened as he crowded outside the medical professionals after the meeting.

To make matters worse, instead of downplaying the importance of this violence and the wearing of masks, Tennessee Government Bill Lee signed an executive order Monday allowing parents to exclude their children from the school mask mandate. was given. Announcing the order on Twitter, Lee said, “No one cares more about the child’s health and well-being than the parents.


But the fact is, some parents are more concerned about the alleged violations of their rights than their children’s health.

Without the mask mandate in place, children are increasing the spread of COVID-19. A new study has found out how dangerous it can be for children to contract Covid 19, contradicting an initial study of epidemics that found that Covid 19’s symptoms are less common in children. Across the country, more young adults and children are being hospitalized to dangerous levels, and people under the age of 12 are not eligible for the vaccine, putting them at greater risk.

“In some ways it’s the opposite of what we’ve been told in the past,” said Dr. Edith Bracho Sanchez, an assistant professor of primary care pediatrics and pediatrics at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. ABC News. “It just shows how polite we have to be when it comes to children and the virus.”

“We always knew that kids could get it, pass it on, and get sick from coyotes,” he added. “I think we’re learning more and more.”

Creating a scene and intimidating public health officials at meetings is not just violence that some parents are committing. In one incident, a parent in California allegedly attacked a sixth-grade teacher when he saw his child drop out of school wearing a mask. Daily Cos. Is informed. The incident happened on the first day of school.

As the number of cases of Covid 19 grows and hospital admissions across the country increase, we need to ask ourselves how we plan to deal with this problem. Without people willing to follow the orders of masks and vaccines, will we ever recover from this epidemic? GOP officials should take responsibility for their actions and stop it. Spreading false information. Otherwise, Lee.What could have been saved would have been lost.

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