Anti-vaccine and neo-fascists attacked an Italian hospital, injuring four workers.

Rome – A group of people took part in a protest in Rome against the Health Passport. COVID-19, including nine fascists, attacked the emergency service at Umberto I Hospital tonight, injuring four workers.

They are two nurses, one with a bottle on his head, and two security agents, as confirmed. Minister of Health of the Lazio Region, Elcio de Amato, on RAI Public Television.

The councilor assured that it was a “crazy night” at the hospital, which was attacked by about three people.People who forced themselves to close their toilets.

“After more than a year. Infectious diseases, it is not appropriate to keep these aggressions alive, “de Amato lamented.

Due to the chaos in the center of the Rome, there were clashes between police and protesters who were involved in protest against P.Healthcare, but many members of the neo-fascist party Forza Nova.

During the march, they also stormed the headquarters of CGIL, Italy’s largest union, and hurled firecrackers and smoke bombs at the government headquarters, Plaza Chag.i, who started the process of riot control with pressure water hoses and charges.

Twelve people were eventually arrested, including the leader. Forza Nova National, Giuliano Castellino, and the Roman leader, Roberto Favre.

However, tensions later shifted to Umberto I Hospital, where one of the injured protesters was admitted.Or in burden and that he warned his companions.


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