Antonio Garc – – Financier.

Society lives in a phase. Political correctness Where he is judged by moral superiority, this Thursday Antonio Garca is considered a political cartoonist. Financial

He said in the forum, “Today we are living a politically correct dictatorship, where (people) are kept, they sit on a little brick where they feel morally superior and from there they Disqualify you. ” EF Mate Point Virtual. The political world that ‘Moneros’ saw.

Garc تھاa believes that these people do not criticize the way cartoons or cartoonists draw, but rather find ways to censor messages they do not like.

Also, it all happens in an environment of polarization from social networks.

“They label you and put you on one side and the other and that’s new. Before that (…) I used to make cartoons that criticized Fox, Calderon, Pina. If you Make cartoons that comment on PJ’s nonsense, so now everyone says to you, ah, you serve such interests. Why is it shocking or serious or bad or reprehensible? It’s new and it’s part of the story of polarization and division, “said Garca.

The cartoonist, whom he defended, should be harshly and brutally criticized, but he has to do it with grace.


Author: Meczyki

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