Apple is suing NSO, the Israeli company’s creator of Pegasus, for infiltration

WASHINGTON, USA.- The technology giant Manzana condemned this Tuesday to Israeli software company NSO Group, which he accuses of having violated U.S. law with the sale of a program called Pegasus with which he is alleged to have access to their phones illegally iPhone.

In the lawsuit, filed with the court Northern California District, Manzana rated The NSO group from “Amoral mercenaries from the 21st century” and considered the program Pegasus is one “Very sophisticated cyber-surveillance machinery that calls for flagrant and routine beatings.”

These attacks affected a “Small number of users worldwide”, stated Manzana in a statement on its website.

According to the prestigious laboratory in University of Toronto (Canada) Citizen Lab, den Israeli software company NSO Group has been infecting phones since February iPhone and other devices Manzana take advantage of one security breach which made it possible to install spyware.

The spyware installed via instant messaging software iMessage and affects both iOS (mobile operating system) like MacOS (computers) and WatchOS (watches).

To exploit the vulnerability of the system, this Spyware It is installed without the user having to perform any operation and affects everyone versions of operating systems except for one issued Manzana in September to prevent further intrusions into their operating systems.

Citizen Lab discovered the vulnerability of the system and its exploitation of The NSO group when one finds that a iPhone of a Saudi activist had been infected with the spyware dubbed Pegasus.

Pegasus gives the perpetrator access to the activities of the infected unit, as well as to the camera, the microphone, the photographs, the location, the text message, emails and calls without the victim even having proof of it.

The Israeli company NSO Group is probably dedicated to cybersecurity, but his software It is used by governments around the world to gain access – in many cases illegal – to phones and other devices from journalists, activists and political enemies.

In early November, United States Department of Commerce. included The NSO group blacklisted for activities related to cyberspyage, to what the company claimed to feel “Shocked“And made sure its technologies “Support national security interests” from Washington.


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