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Hermosillo, Son.- The non-governmental organization Mothers Seekers of Sonora found at least 18 human bodies in secret graves and bonfires located about 30 kilometers from Hermosillo, according to the association itself.

Through its social networks, the organization, which consists of grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughters and sisters of missing persons, announced that the finding was followed by an anonymous complaint informing them of a possible secret funeral used by criminal groups.

The discovery occurred at lunchtime on Wednesday after a day of searching that dozens of women had started since dawn and which led to them traveling several kilometers.

As they explained, after a foul odor of decay, they found the site with the tombs and the fire on the so-called Costa de Hermosillo, a desert agricultural area located between the state capital and the Gulf of Cinema, in the Sea of ​​Cortez.

Skeletal remains were found in the 14 holes, some of them burnt and others in a state of degradation. The bodies were covered with lime to prevent them from emitting a foul-smelling odor.

Ceci Patricia Flores Armenta, leader of the group, informed about the find through a WhatsApp group, where she pointed out that even though they have “combed” the state of Sonora for three years, it is always difficult to find “secret cemeteries”.

He was waiting on this page to find the remains of his son Marco Antonio, who disappeared in 2018.

Hours later, Sonora’s prosecutors confirmed that expert personnel had arrived in the area and began prosecuting.

He added that according to the protocols drawn up by a forensic pathologist, they coordinate the recovery of bone fragments and evidence, to determine the number of bodies in this finding and to continue to perform genetic identification comparisons.

The Ministerial Criminal Investigation Agency urged the thousands of Sonoran families looking for a loved one who is a victim of disappearance to go to the premises of the Sonora Prosecutor’s Office to perform a genetic test and speed up DNA identification processes.

The area where the graves were found is located on Highway 20, on a gravel road, in the city of Miguel Alemán.

Mexico has accumulated more than 95,000 missing and non-localized people since 1964, most since the beginning of the military war on drugs, which began in 2006, according to the National Search Commission (CNB).


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