Application deadline for Startup Battlefield 200 extended – Meczyki.Net

Here’s an exciting respite for time-strapped or procrastination-prone early stage startup founders. We are extending the application deadline for Startup Battlefield 200! Take your shot at joining this exclusive group for a new and great opportunity on Meczyki.Net Disrupt. It is positively loaded with perks and possibilities.

Do not delay: Startup Battlefield 200 . apply to By August 5 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

Meczyki.Net editors will scrutinize every application, and the companies they select for this curated cohort will be the only startups allowed to perform at Disrupt. From that group, Meczyki.Net will select 20 companies to be the Startup Battlefield Pitch Competition finalists.

We mentioned the perks. See what fun it will be at Disrupt to SBF 200 Startups in San Francisco on October 18-20.

Full, free access to Disrupt: SBF 200 founders join Disrupt for free and receive VIP access to all presentations, breakouts and roundtables.

Free exhibition space for all three days of the show: The SBF 200 will be the only early stage startups that will be allowed to appear in Disrupt. Pay-to-play is gone, and no one can buy their way onto the exhibition floor.

IInvestor Interest and Media Exposure: Gaining Meczyki.Net approval isn’t easy, and it carries weight in the startup world. You can bet investors looking for the unicorns of the future and journalists looking for the next big story will be drawn to the SBF 200.

Workshops and Pitch Training: The founders of SBF 200 will be invited to special workshops and masterclasses. They’ll get exclusive pitch training from Meczyki.Net employees and one year of Meczyki.Net+ membership for free.

Flash-pitch to investors and editors: That special training will come in handy when it’s time to count your pitch. You’ll get invaluable feedback, and who knows? You can also capture the interest of an investor.

A Shot at Competing for $100,000 in Startup Battlefield: We saved the best for last. Meczyki.Net editors will select 20 startups out of SBF 200 to be the Startup Battlefield finalists. The founders of those 20 companies will receive private pitch coaching, appear on Meczyki.Net and pitch live in front of an entire disrupted audience. The eventual winner takes home the $100,000 equity-free prize and all the glory.

Meczyki.Net Disrupt takes place October 18-20 in San Francisco with an online day on October 21. Take full advantage of this week-long relief and Meczyki.Net Startup Battlefield 200 . apply to By Aug. 5 at 11:59 p.m. PT,

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