Arkalo Rocks Camogi stars will make history this weekend on their first trip to Feil na Engel

The Arkalo Rockets are set to make camouflage history this weekend, when they become the first team from the club to ever compete in a Fille na Engel competition.

Emerging from a tough group including Aughrim and Avondale in the Wicklow Division 2 qualifiers back in April, the talented squad will leave for Ashbourne on Saturday morning, where they will battle with Dublin’s Ballyboden St Andas, Meath’s Boardmills and Donegal’s Carnadonag. ,

Depending on how things go for them in those games, they will compete in the semi-finals and hopefully the final later in the afternoon.

The progress made by Arkelow Rocks has been extremely impressive. From a camouflage section formed in 2009, they now account for about 60 percent of the entire club’s membership, according to team coach Winnie Byrne.

“This is the first time the club has qualified both girls and boys team for the very prestigious national competition. Boys have previously qualified many years ago, but girls are breaking new barriers,” Vinny said.

The Camouflage section was created back in 2009 and the first president was Monica Jameson. From very humble beginnings, the Camougie section has grown massively over the years, with approximately 60 percent of club membership now made up by this section.

“A lot of effort has been made to ensure that we have a team in every age group for women from the academy to the senior level of five years.

“The Feil girls team plays in the under-15 age group, and we are especially fortunate to have a strong crop of girls in this category at the club. As this group has come through the age group, you all in the club One can see their growth year after year because of the coaching provided by the volunteers.

“They are a great group of young women full of honesty and effort and a desire to learn and improve, they work hard and put a lot of time and commitment to the sport. There is greatness ahead of this team, I believe. “They are able to go a long way in this competition. They are the future leaders in our club, and they are leading the way in showing what it takes to qualify for this competition and be successful.”

“On my part, Michael (Priest), Penny (Heald), Richella (Wood) and Linda (O’Donovan), I just want to say that they are a pleasure to coach and care for and they make us proud every day. They go out to play, rain or shine, they fight till the end and show great spirit and commitment,” he said.

Arkelow Roux Camogee Chairperson Penny Heald may not have been born and raised in Arkelow, but at Roux she’s found a family she can be very proud of, and she’s helped players of all ages realize their potential. is of.

In a booklet released before the Rockets left for Feil on Saturday, Penny paid a touching tribute to his stars.

“This probably won’t be your regular Camogee address, but then I’m not your average Camogee chairperson,” Penny said. “As a jerk from across the Irish sea I was late to the world of camogee and hurling so I probably look at the sport a little differently to members of my native Roux family.

“This is my eighth year at Roux and my roles include chairperson, under-8 coach and Camogee Ladies junior manager. I coached the under-8s for this entire time, there were basically no other volunteers initially and my daughter, Poppy, wanted to play.

“At that time we had only seven players on our under-8 team, but from the tiny acorns grow mighty oaks. As the years went by, the team grew in numbers and skills, and now we have qualified for the Feels for the first time. Year made club history.It has been made even better as our under-15 boys have also qualified so the excitement in the club is at an all time high.

“What makes this event even sweeter is that this camouflage team consists of the original seven players from the start.

“On behalf of the club as a whole, I would like to congratulate the team and their coaches, Winnie Byrne, mentor Michael Priest and Richella Wood. I also want to thank the parents and grandparents who gave their time and support.

“I am trying to find the words to describe these Camogee players and the huge feelings I have for this club and the closest I can come to this is ‘total admiration and love.’” Gone who is my inspiration? The answer is my rocket. All of them, from the under-8s who bring me joy every week (even though sometimes it’s like herbs) to our recently formed but wonderful lady juniors For those who are making a name for themselves at Wicklow.

“All the years have been good, but this year is going to be the best yet. I am very proud of all my boys and girls. I wish success to both the teams. Go out, do your best and have as much fun as you can. Win, lose or draw, keep the green and white high,” he added.