Armando Foila is at the top of the giant series final.

Riviera Niaret.

Of The second round of the PGA Tour Latin American Giant Series Final. What happens on the field at the Tiger Club de Golf in Riviera Nyeret is unusual for Mexico, because Armando Foila gave a card of 64 under 9., Production of nine birdies and nine pairs which led to its demise. Leader..

Favela competed so far, with a total of 11-under 133 Argentina’s Jimmy Lopez defeated Rivarola by one wicket and his compatriot Roberto Rodriguez Cacho by two. Which will wake up this week with -10 par 134.

It was a great time for me, the truth is I didn’t expect so few shots today, but I took advantage of every opportunity.

It is important to mention this. 34 Mexican golfers are participating. In the final of the giant series

Favilla’s performance is due to the great work he is doing in Mexican golf. It’s amazing to see how our country stands with experience and youth, and you realize that in this tournament.

As if that wasn’t enough, another Mexican, Jose Narro is in fourth place, three strokes behind Favilla.Colombians Iván Camilo Ramírez and Pipo Celia are in fifth place with our second national representative, Patricio Guerra.

Of The PGA Tour Latin American Giant Series Final is a non-cut tournament with 65 players taking part this time. PGA Tour Latin America looking to win cards for the 2021-22 season.



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