Arman’s update on Turin, El Seglo de Turin’s Urban Development Master Plan.

The views of citizens have been incorporated to improve the Turin Urban Development Master Plan, which is within the framework of the update, which is carried out in accordance with the regulations, as the current document is from seven years ago.

“The time has passed when a consultant was hired and it was done at a desk in Mexico City, and nothing else was brought here for Cabaldo’s approval,” he said. Implan has a responsibility to inform everyone about what is being done with regard to land use, change in public works.New public transport, new bicycle lenses, new zones of environmental protection, then by adding citizen feedback, we can get this tool “Turin Competition (Implan)

He pointed out that, to the extent that the company participates in the preparation of this document, It also becomes vigilant and will demand that it be fulfilled in the following administration..

In conjunction with SIG Solution Consulting, Workshop on Socialization of Turin Urban Development Master Plan evaluation was conducted., With work tables held at Universidad Ebroamericana. The aim is to identify, validate and design initiatives in the field of urban development from a participatory perspective to the needs of the region. It also seeks to comment on discovered issues, prioritize, and suggest possible solutions.

Ramriz Raees remembered him. The Master Plan is a guiding tool for urban development.. The most relevant topics discussed in the workshop were natural physical environment, urban infrastructure and land, public services, mobility, socio-economic context, tourism and culture.

The Urban Development Master Plan includes new rules and regulations. Sustainable Development Goals, UN’s New Housing III Agenda, and Long-Term Vision Plan TRC 2040Furthermore, it is a standard tool that guides policies and principles for a sustainable society in 5, 10 and 15 years.

Implan has made an extensive call for more feedback. The event brought together municipal authorities, civil associations, universities, business associations, professional associations and the general public.

The document can be consulted via Implan Social Networks on the website


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