Armor Zacatecas with 3,500 military and rifle helicopter, El Siglo de Torreón

General Luis Cresencio Sandoval, National Defense Secretary (Sedena), announced that in the face of the escalation of violence due to the dispute between criminal groups and the increase in intentional killings in Zacatecas, One thousand 954 military elements and one thousand 644 agents from the National Guard will be sent, as well as three combat helicopters to strengthen the security of the device.

In the presentation of the federal government’s support plan led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the general reported that in recent years three years The number of murders in the state has practically tripled.

He explained that in 2019 there were 560 murders, in 2020 there were 920 and so far in 2021 there are 1,277 “so the forecast is that we will almost reach 1,500.”

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He pointed it out Fresnillo Municipality, where violence has escalated in recent days, 20th nationally among the municipalities with the most murders.

Together with Governor David Monreal (Morena) and by the Federal Cabinet, the general declared that the state is a communications center where important roads coincide with nine states.

He indicated that within the strategy, the state will be divided three sections: north, center and south, and where the number of elements will be strengthened with 1,954 military and two combat helicopters as well as 1,644 agents from the National Guard and one combat helicopter. He reported that next year there will be nine National Guard installations.


Earlier, Saúl Monreal, mayor of Fresnillo and brother of the governor, David Monreal, questioned “mys” strategy by the President and blamed not being invited to the meetings with the President.

Zacatecas is experiencing a wave of violence that has been obvious with bodies hangings of bridges in recent days.

On Wednesday, the federal president assured that the increased violence in Zacatecas is caused by the dispute between criminal groups, so the strategy of the entity will be strengthened.

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