Arsenal transfer news roundup: Gunners enter Valencia Star race, Michael Artera opens the door for Jack Wilshire’s return, and much more

Weapons On Saturday, Norwich City will fight the battle of their lives. The Gunners can’t afford to slip again in the Premier League after failing to take a point or score in their three games so far. Michel Arteta will be anxious to win against the side sitting at the table above him.

Arsenal have entered the race for a top-ranked Valencia midfielder, who is also wanted by Liverpool. The Gunners have opened the door for a possible return of Jack Wilshere.

On this note, let’s take a look at the important news of the transfer of weapons from September 10, 2021.

Arsenal enter Valencia star race

Carlos Solar wanted by Arsenal and Liverpool.
Carlos Solar wanted by Arsenal and Liverpool.

Arsenal has entered the race. Carlos Solar, According to Hard tackle by Aldesmark.. The Valencia star has been in good form lately and is wanted. Liverpool. The Reds see it as the best alternative to Georgiano Vijnaldum, while the Gunners believe it could be the answer to their creative vacuum.

Despite investing heavily. Martin Odigard. This summer, Michael Arteta wants more creativity in his midfield. Solar, who was involved in an 18-goal partnership last season, keeps an eye on the pass and is technically correct, which explains Arsenal’s interest in it. The Gunners think he could be a perfect fit for the Thomas party in midfield.

However, Valencia has already slapped a 150 150 million release clause on Starman. Solar Academy and the local boy’s product, so it will not be easy to agree to transfer. Also, given their recent success, Liverpool currently represent a better option than Arsenal and are a favorite in the race.

Michael Artera opened the door for Jack Wilshire’s return.

Arsenal are ready to give Jack Wilshere a chance to get his career back on track.
Arsenal are ready to give Jack Wilshere a chance to get his career back on track.

Michael Arteta says the door is open forever. Jack Wilshere. In Arsenal. The English have endured a difficult time since leaving the UAE in 2018. Wilshere’s career has been ruined by injuries and although he has been fit since the beginning of 2020, he is now without a club.

I was speaking. Press conference Before the game against Norwich, Artita gave the former Gunners star a chance to get his career back on track.

“[He is] Someone I know I’ve shared a dressing room with. Someone who loves everyone around the club, and our doors are always open, “said Artita.

Although it is highly unlikely that Wilshere will be offered a contract, Arsenal may allow him to train with the first team.

Takehiro Tomiaso gets a work permit before the Norwich City tie.

Takehiro Tomiaso has received his work permit before his debut at Arsenal.
Takehiro Tomiaso has received his work permit ahead of his Arsenal debut.

Arsenal’s new signing Tikihero Tomiaso has received his work permit ahead of a possible debut against Norwich City. Chris Whitley. The Japanese joined the Gunners this summer in a 18 18million deal with Bologna. The versatile defender can play as both right-back and center-back, although he is expected to play a full-back role in the UAE.

Mikel Arteta has already seen his team score nine goals in three games. The Spaniard hopes that Tomiaso can provide much-needed stability against the Canaries this weekend.

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