Artiga, the magical city.

In ancient times, the mayor of Ortega, Don Antonio DeVilla, asked one of his employees, a certain man named El Moyot, to give an official speech to a tax collector at the May 5 ceremony. In the square, in front of the Presidency compound, a monument was erected with statues of Hidalgo, Morellos, Zaragoza and Juarez. After honoring the flag, the children’s familiar recitation was heard: “It was dawn. The sun was shining …

“That’s how I get on this loft,” he said in a brilliant tone. He gave me his piece, and Commodore ironed it for me, for which I am very grateful.

“I don’t speak like Don Jesus Cardinas, who is the tallest peak in the villa. But I salute the crowd of libertarians who are in front of me. Morelos. It is enough that he is the minister of the church. Respect me for him. Got the job. I really appreciate it.

This is the second General Zaragoza on horseback. The foreigners sat with him three times. I imagine this great general, the Apostle Santiago, whom the Gospel says was the best of all the apostles of Jaripio and Mangana.

“But there’s one more thing that goes around in a great chef so I don’t look at him. Yes, I look at him, and very well, because there’s a commotion between these esteemed heroes. Looks like he’s a Mendocas Indian, a faithful portrait of Barabbas, blacker than a shadow, and more devilish than Lucifer himself. WHO? This was the man who wanted to take the bread out of my mouth, forbidding me to collect the tenth, the first fruit and the begging at gunpoint with his nefarious laws, in return he would throw the Holy Mother among the people. Their cattle and crops grow.

“But you ran away with a mass of Indian foxes, because now I am a general judge of the congregations, with the right to high and low justice in the mountains and plains. And it hurts me a lot that you personally Don’t be in front of you, as I’m in your picture, combining guilt with a clean club, like you are, or with the rocks, because I don’t have a Raymont carbine or a Matthewso pistol. Smith and Wesson wanted to say).

“I tell this equivalent,
And ladies and gentlemen, golden youth, I tell you, as soon as I got close to the rostrum, it was gone. I said”.

With loud laughter, the audience celebrated Mayweather’s strange speech, which was greeted with applause. The memory lasted for many years.
Of this perversion: When the people of Artiga heard some nonsense or nonsense, they would say: “El Moyote spoke and said.”


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