As another rough out for the Dervishes, Pedres lost 9-3 in Miami

MIAMI (AP) – U Darwish’s Era stood up for a fourth straight start when he allowed four runs in five innings, and the San Diego Pedres beat 9-3 on Sunday to finish last against Miami. Divided into a series of four games.

Dervish (7-5) needed 23 pitches to enter the first innings, and he later gave Devin Mariro and Brian Anderson a loss. The All-Star right-hander is 0.3 from his last four starts, starting with an ERA of 7.32, which has increased his ERA to 3.27 for the season.

Mani Machado, a resident of South Florida, hit his 17th homer for Pedres, and cheered as he stood with his friends and family.

Mariero made three hits, including his first home run since 2017, and Anderson hit his fourth Homer of the Year – and his first film after missing two months due to a shoulder injury. Lewis Branson added a three-run homer away from Nabil Krismet.

Backup catcher Sandy Lyon doubled the run-rate, and Magnus Sierra doubled the bat at 131 for his first RBI this season.

Ethoni Bender (2-1) allowed Miami one run in two innings on the day of the ballpark. Seven clocks together allow five observations.

NL home run leader Fernando Tates Jr. took 3 for 0 with two strikes and a walk. Ninth-ranked Brian O’Grady hit a pinched homer for San Diego.

The score was tied when Marado beat Machado’s throw to take third place for the fifth-ranked Anfield singles. He stole the second and scored on Sierra’s hit, and Starling Mart took a 4-2 lead with the RBI singles.

Mart, which may join the trade bloc, averaged its three. Finished with three hits to increase to 303.


A weird game involving first baseman Jesus Aguilar scored San Diego’s first run. Aguilar failed to come up with a throw at number three due to a mistake, and after recovering the ball, he was attracted by a fan behind him and towards the stand, which led to batsman Tommy Pham at number three. Allowed to retain the number.

Pham then scored on Eric Homer’s single.


Miami improved at home 24-23. San Diego fell 25-25 on the road.

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Pedres: With one trip suspended, they went 5-4 on their trip. A day later on Monday, they will begin a two-match series against Oakland on Tuesday.

Marlins: They will have a day off, followed by a two-game series in Baltimore on Tuesday.


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