As Delta cases escalated, Sydney warned of further deterioration.

SYDNEY, Aug. 18 (Xinhua) – Sydney’s Delta epidemic has not reached its peak and residents are facing more deaths, officials said on Wednesday, as Australia’s largest city reopened after nearly two months of lockdowns. Breaking the record of daily infections.

“We haven’t seen her in the worst condition, and the way we stop her is to keep everyone at home,” Gladys Bergklian, premier of the New South Wales (NSW) in the state capital Sydney, told reporters. ۔ “

The NSW reported the largest increase in its 633 new cases per day, including 545 in Sydney, which on Monday eclipsed the state’s previous daily high of 478 hats. Sixty people have been killed since the first Delta case was reported in Sydney on June 16, three of which were confirmed on Wednesday.

Only 28 percent of people over the age of 16 in the NSW have been fully vaccinated, the state’s chief health officer, Carrie Chant, warned, adding that more deaths would follow if the cases continued to rise.

Australian Premier Gladys Bergeklian has warned Australia about a variety of delta surges.
AP Photo / Jose Louis Megana

Australia is in the throes of a third wave of infection that has exposed weaknesses in the country’s vaccine rollout and forced more than half of its 25 million people to lock down.

So far, only a quarter of the adult population has been fully vaccinated, putting pressure on Prime Minister Scott Morrison, whose government has lost initial vaccination targets.

Sydney, Melbourne and the capital, Canberra, are under house arrest orders, boosting the 2 trillion (1.5 1.5 trillion) economy. On the verge of its second recession In many years

The state of Victoria, located in Melbourne, on Wednesday reported 24 new cases of Covid 19 locally acquired, the number a day earlier, as authorities rushed to track the infection from an unknown source. I am

Vaccination push.

A woman crosses a busy street in Sydney.
The Sydney Delta is on the rise and residents must be prepared for more deaths.
AP Photo / Rick Recraft.

With just over 40,000 cases and 970 deaths, Australia has largely stopped the high COVID numbers seen in many other developed countries.

But efforts to curb the spread in Sydney have failed as the virus has spread to many regional towns where vaccination rates are low.

To speed up the rollout, five vaccination teams of security personnel are due to arrive in regional towns this week.

Pfizer’s 500,000 doses, Half the supply from Poland over the weekend.People under the age of 40 have been moved to Sydney’s 12 most affected suburbs for the vaccine.


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