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Mike Pence did not testify in the audience of the 6th of June, but remained in the center of attention when the public was shocked by the desperate attempts and expressions of the persuasive deed of persuaded Donald Trump. 2020 presidential election y le entregue un segundo mandato.

“As I read, President Trump realizes an incredible excuse to present a tentacle in private as in public,” said Liz Cheney, the principal representative of the republican in the committee. “Vice President Pence protested against Donald Trump. There are so many types it’s hard to say.

We know about the accusations of Pence antes and durante ese día:

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We hear the frenzy of Trump to evacuate the Derrota furon annulados by the tribunals and the functional states, él y sus aliados se concentraron en el 6 de enero, el día en que se reuniría una parajuniría una sesió. Formalize the Victoria of Presidente Electo Joe Biden, How about the ultimate opportunity to make a living.

The campaign from the beginning of the Maneuvering season intensified in the days of Trump at 6 o’clock Trump, the son of John Eastman and others in Trump’s orbit. try to make the Pence of the tenor the power of the annular volunteer of your votes at the United Nations stadium clave in the Battle of the Campaign simply reclaimed the votes of the Electoral College or received the results from the states, the decimation of the constituency de claro that the vice president in the proclamation and the proclamation.

Pence passed reunion with the personal, including his aboard General, Greg Jacob. Studio Law Le de Contio Electoral de 1887, What happens to the proceedings, and reunite with the parliamentarians to count on their people. Receiving an excerpt from the excerpt, included by the expert Dan Quayle.

Some other appeals to Trump for not pushing his incumbent vice versa in a position that is not necessary. Pence ya was complementarily present as a possible future presidential candidacyThere is a public issue with Trump considering a possible final career. Peru Trump is presiding, very publicly as he is listening.

On the 4th of August, Eastman and Trump presented Pence to accept the escama in a reunion at the Oval Office. And in a moment like this in Georgia, Trump said that his destiny was in the hands of his vice president. “Hope Mike Pence nos ayude”, he told the multitud.

Trump continues to impose a reunion in the Oval of the Day of Judgment, exaggerating the fact that Pence uses the possibilities that the vice president does not possess to volunteer the votes of his constituents. Pence dejó en claro que no estaba convencido.

In this day, Jacob sent a memorandum in which he was persuaded to conclude that if Pence followed the proposition of Eastman, he would probably persevere in the court, in the best of cases, or provoke a constitutional crisis.

The tension between Iran and Altas that the Jeffie of Gencene of Pence, Marc Short, called the principal agent of the Secret Service of Pence, informedó New York Times For the first time, inform that the negativity of the vice president to accept Trump was making a public point. .

Cheney accuses Trump of being the worst of the cantos and responds with this feeling: ‘Tal vez nuestros seguidores tengan la idea correcta’. Mike Pence ‘se lo merece’ “. (Trump responds in his social media application and says” NUNCA dijo, don’t ask me to say, ‘Cuelguen a Mike Pence’ “).

Pence intercepts the telephone from its secret information secret. Shortly after the Fox Business that the first prime ministers of Pence Fueron to the lord republicans and deputies of the camera and the senators —Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer – ” Pence también “se acartó al pentágono de que se enviiaran refuerzos adicionales” alentado por los lerederes de la Cámara y el senado, quienes dejaron en claro en llamadas posteriores que established farados postrad.

The General Mark Milli, President of the State Mayor Conjunto, joined the testimony that the leading militias were fighting two or three times with Pence and that the vice president “was very anonymous, very direct, very firm with the secretaries (interns). (Cristobal) Miller “.

“Train to the militia aquí, tra a a la Guardia aquí. Deja esta situación, etcétera”, recorded Milley.

De Hicho, 4:08 p.m., Pence Hazo An urgent telephone call From the Capitol Mentras the albotadors golpeaban a la policía y destrozaban el edificio, informing Miller that the Capitolio was not safe and pays the lideres militars uncha límite para asegurar el edifúnio, document. for the Pentagon to use the interlocutor who obeyed The Associated Press.

“Despejen el Capitolio”, les dijo Pence.

Milley told the committee that Jeff’s team of Trump, Mark Meadows, had a different idea when they were talking.

“First of all, let’s say that the vice president is the one who wants all the decisions. testified Milley.

Eastman and Jacob also interacted with the electronics, followed by the committee, and Jacob told Eastman that,

At 8:00 pm, looking at the horse and carnivorous horse, the Capitolio finally considered safe.

Pence will convince the Senado with a message.

“It was a day in the history of the Capitolio of the United States. But thanks to the rapid spread of the Capitolio and the fuerzas of the public federations, estates and localities, it is still there. el trabajo del pueblo continúa “, dijo a la nación.” Volvamos al trabajo “, dijo entre aplausos.

Just look at the 3:40 am, Pence declares the official election of Trumpas well as his prophet.

Pence, far from the ultimate and mediocre, has shown the repetitive occasions that contain its accusations, or that it has held a number of political consultations and has tried to send the bases to a possible candidacy in 024 presidential.

At the end of the month, I saw the month of the center of attention, Pence dijo in an important discourse on the biblioteca presidency Ronald Reagan que estaba “orgulloso” de lo que hizo el 6 de enero.

“The truth is,” he said, “there is no idea more anti-statistism than the fact that any person can be elected to the presidency by the president.

And on this occasion, while Trump continues to criticize the accusations of Pence, Pence seizes the Trump for its number and gives a reunion to the Conservative Sociedad Federalist in Florida that “President Trump is equivocal” “.”

Pence, without embarking, has also made its way to its present day. The lunes have been reported by the periodicals looking for the frontier in Sierra Vista, Arizona.

“I always wish I could compare with this day. And it is in my heart that I love him. And then, when all the information and the present are present, the old statistic will make me feel better about what I have learned ”, he said.

But when he came to our frontier, he said to President Biden that he was with her. Quiero decides, the truth is that a president of the United States has the obligation to prove himself as a defender, to guarantee the defense as he lives. And the security frontierza is the national security “.