Asking for help can be the key to your business success

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We can all do so much better with a little help. Many of us are afraid to ask for help, and it can hold back both ourselves and our businesses.

Asking for help can certainly be helpful when it comes to building a business. Imagine how much better it can be to get support and share resources as you grow your business. You’ll have hundreds of things going on at once (or at least you should), especially in the early days, when it’s time to grow to survive.

The more organized and strict you are in meeting goals, the better the foundation of your building will be. The busier you are, the more likely you are to forget things, run into walls or miss the all-important deadline. The temptation is to push back the deadline, if you even have time to draw up a timeline. Moving on, getting lost or not seeing that you’ve missed a goal can be costly, and it delays executing ideas.

Hasty or missed important steps are all common mistakes made in both new businesses and established ones, yet asking for help or outsourcing and delegating some tasks can save you. If it’s your own deadline that you’re missing and you work alone, it’s easy to forgive and lose motivation and momentum. If it’s other people’s deadlines that you miss, you could do untold damage to your business reputation, miss important orders, repeat business or pay the offer price.

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Bringing in support will ensure that nothing is missed or forgotten. This will undoubtedly cost money unless you have family and friends willing to dedicate the time for free. Still, just because a solution can cost money, you certainly shouldn’t dismiss it. Buying help can bring new momentum that can save you money in the long run.

It’s also generally not a good idea to have everything on your shoulders because it’s nearly impossible to take breaks and recharge, which you’ll pay for eventually.

Businesses never run systematically and only move from one thing to another. You will juggle various aspects at once. It is important that the elements work together and laterally, not just linearly. All oars need to be aligned to propel the boat. After all, the best rowers know the power of all weapons working together to win. Working as a team makes things go faster, so entrusting and trusting others to work with you is just that.

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Asking for help can certainly be difficult, but sometimes asking isn’t; It is easy to accept help which is the real issue. Even those who ask for help can find it difficult to let go and actually accept it and delegate tasks to others without the willingness to micromanage. For some, it is the guilt of needing help, feeling inadequate or hopeless in themselves. However, it is important to push aside feelings of failure and inadequacy and accept that sometimes things are more than we can cope with, whether physically or emotionally. Knowing when you need help and doing something about it is a sign of strength.

Countries and individuals do better when they come together to offer and receive help. Even in the mighty United States, there are teams of advisors working to support the president. The President is the face of the country, yet he is supported by advisers, assistants and experts from other fields to do his job. Basically, he’s building a business and using the people who can best help him grow to get the job.

Building a business is pretty much the same; It’s hard alone, and sometimes all you need is advice, support, and a teammate with more time or expertise. Even if you are experienced in all business areas, you only have the same number of hours and days as everyone else.

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Connecting people who need help

In business, I have quickly learned that no matter our culture or beliefs, we have basically the same concerns and problems as individuals and businesses in the world. No matter our place in life or money, what sets us apart is their ability to accept help when we need it.

It is not a sign of weakness or an inability to manage effectively. This is a sign that you recognize what others can bring to your business and life and are willing to do some work for you.

We have to spend more time making endless to-do lists and juggling to-dos than actually doing them. If it means taking a step back and accepting help, how can that be a bad thing? If you are offered help, saying “yes” can open up many lucrative possibilities for your business, friendships, networking opportunities and for people to enjoy your success with you.


I often use the analogy of a hamster running on a wheel. Sometimes the wheel spins too fast and they fall. As we negotiate the wheel of life, it is often moving more quickly than we can handle. Our goal is not to fall up or down, yet we often do, and it is often through failure to ask for help to better negotiate the wheel. Accepting help may be all that is needed.

I believe that our humanity can see the differences in our cultural norms, our morals and ethics and our prior experiences to be who we are, but share them and help others and we can all learn and achieve great things. can do. So whether you see yourself as a low-level worker, billionaire or entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter. Making use of the help available and asking when you need help will help reduce the differences between us and ensure that there is only some degree of separation between us.