Aspectos positivos de un TLC Corea-Mexico – Meczyki

Jeong-in Suh, embador of the Republic of Korea in Mexico

The 1st of March, the Ministry of Commerce of Korea and the Secretariat of the Mexican Economy officially declare the reinforcement of the negotiations of the TLC – missions that have long been suspended.

Of course, since I joined Mexico 2 years ago, my main preference has been to relaunch the negotiations of a TLC Corea-Mexico. In this sense, and as many as are relevant to the public sector, privates and academics, he is concerned about the necessities and benefits of a treat. And I complain to the little ones that we coincide.

In this column, I share my vision about some of the questions that exist in Torno because we need the TLC, which we can expect from Acuardo, and what we think is relevant.

First of all, for the local tendencies to be “localized”. Actually, the global societal atraviesa great difficulties due to the alterations that caused the pandemic to fall under the administration. Asymmetry, the crisis in Ukraine has negatively impacted energy efficiency, primaries and elements. We must learn the mediation of localization, so that we can establish the authority of the government.

Another reason is the commercial diversity that Korea and Mexico need. Ahora that the commercial dependence of Korea with China is more than 25 per cent and the Mexican states with the United States is more than 80 per cent, the diversity requirements are more than that.

In the second place, what can we expect from a TLC Korea-Mexico?

Not only an aumento in the commercial and diversification volume, but also an equilibrium in the balance of commerce. In the last 20 years, the trade volume between Korea and Mexico has changed. Mexico is the first socio-commercial society in Korea and Latin America. Korea also convinced the most important socio-commercial community of Mexico. We are planning to export more automobiles from Mexico to Korea than from Korea exporting to Mexico in 2021.

In the wake of a treaty, Corea posed as an accusator from Mexico to continental asiatico, and Mexico as the accusation of Korea and the Americas of Norte and Latin America. A new local, there is an increase in the demand for strategic productive bases.

There was also a platform for fortifying the cooperation in new sectors: electric vehicles, renewable energy, salvage, digital economy, among others. At the same time, Korean coverage in 2022 has also focused on the high-tech industries, including the inversions or existing ones in the fields of automotive, electronics and more.

On the next plane, why should there be a TLC Corea-Mexico?

The TLC Corea-Mexico will give you the highest quality, and will give you more reductions. In this sense, it is important to remember the preferences of various commercial systems, such as the origins and specifications of adolescents for ciderúagic products in Korean and Mexican languages ​​- in conjunction with LC concierge. Asimismo, debe de ser inclusivo; Do not include only a number of select companies, including the Pymes, the las and the entrendores, or the labs and the traders of the manufactures, services, and agro-enterprises.

What is the opportunity to make the TLC in 2022?

This August, Korea and Mexico celebrated 60 years of diplomatic relations. We have an excellent opportunity to fortify the dialogue. These days, the relics of Aztec civilization from exhibited at the National Museum of Korea, and the Korean series like the Juego del Calamar, and the K-pop music are very popular in Mexico. Asimismo, in October, Corea participated in the 50th Cervantino Festival as an invitation to honor. The idea that those intercambios cultures have been fortified is the emergence of a momentary opportunity to make a TLC.

It is only natural that there should be precautionary measures against the TLC which could cause vulnerable sectors. No obstruction, it is my wish to show that I do not perceive the treatment so well with precautionary measures. Of course, Mexico or its counterparts with TLCs with more than 50 continents in continents: the United States of Norte with the United States and Canada, with the European Union, and with Japan, which is the fuerza manufacturera continental asiatic. Mexico is a member of CPTPP – a multilateral TLC of the highest standard.

For our part, the Korean agro-industrial industry has shown precautionary measures against torture. Without embarking, it is very possible that our industrial agropecuaria would benefit from the demand for Korean elements, with great mediums graces at the intersections and the Mexicans for the Korean culture.

We have to say that the TLC Corea-Mexico is the only one left in our country. Ambus ya hemos firmado acuerdos con nuestros principals socios commerceiales. The TLC Korea-Mexico will allow us to consolidate our relationship or excellent relations.

We hope that this is the 60th anniversary of the reunion of the Diplomatic Ocean, a platform that will allow us to build on the 60 days of the cooperative services that give us a TLC between us.