Aston calls for ‘chaos’ to end new six-way bus lanes and cameras

Motorcycle and business owners have called on City Council to end a ‘chaos’ new bus lane and fixed camera in Birmingham. This row is on a six-way street layout this month.

Objectors say it forces drivers into bus lanes to get around delivery vans or lorries parked in the second lane of Birchfield Road in Easton, which could lead to possible fines. ۔ They are also concerned about road rage, barring customers from going to shops and increasing pollution from wasteful traffic.

The Birmingham City Council said the bus lane was recently built by Transport for the West Midlands. He said it was provided because buses had previously faced congestion on the approach.

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But a petition Attempts have also been made to remove the bus lane. The petition states that the new road initiative “resulted in traffic congestion and chaos due to traffic congestion at the beginning of the bus lane and merging of the two lanes into one”.

Abdul Wahid, 42, uses the road every day and calls the cameras “cash cows.” Mr. Wahid, who runs a restaurant. وارک“There is always a van, lorry or something parked there and you are pushed into another lane. You just have to go into the lane, there is no way around it,” he said.

New bus lane at Birchfield Road, Austin
(Photo: Muhammad Yusuf)

“It’s a cash cow for the council and we’re paying through the poor driver’s nose. When I used this lane, I went back and took a picture, so if there’s a fine, I have proof. That I was pushed into the lane. Just lane. “

Muhammad Maroof, who runs Sixways Builders Merchant and initiates the petition, added: “As you can see in the video, one delivery vehicle is parked in the first lane and all the vehicles in the back are just here due to the lane camera. They are afraid to go there. “

Regarding the concerns raised in the petition, it states: “Motorists are forced to sit in a lane when a small section of road is designated as a bus lane which is mostly empty. Doing so will create more chaos in the journey.

“Retailer customers in left-hand parking bay will find it more difficult to park and use the facilities and services. Road rage has become common when drivers are stopped from delivery vehicles in the second lane. Yes and they are forced to use. Just take, so they will have to pay a fine.

“It has become very difficult for retailers to park vehicles for delivery. This will reduce the number of people using the business, which can lead to closures and unemployment.

“All businesses and their customers on this block are strongly opposed to the council’s move. Residents and many others who use this dual carriageway are also angry about the new bus lanes and layout and Are disappointed

“Unnecessary traffic will increase emissions due to increased engine idle hours, and air quality in the surrounding area will be polluted.”

The city council said all buses – more than 12 per hour – that use this part of the bus lane, took a third detour. So, he said, Bus Lane was “better kept offside for these services.” These bus services carry about 5 million passengers each year, and the bus lane seems to be a priority for services at this location.

The city council said: “Labyrinth facilities have been maintained for loading and parking, and vehicles should not have to block nearby traffic lanes. This frivolous behavior is forcing drivers to enter the bus lane. Yes, and we are considering how to stop it.

The original Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) was consulted from 29 June 2020 to 20 July 2020. Following feedback on these suggestions, Aston Sixways plans were revised and re-advertised from 4 August 2021 to 1 September 2021. The council said both TRO consultations followed the legal process.

A letter was sent to all the frontiers affected by the changes and notices placed on the lamp columns in the area. The petition can be found at By clicking here.

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