Audiencias (2) – Meczyki

If the public audiences of the Committee of Investigators of 6 January 2021 did not meet the statement of the states that Donald Trump is a delinquent, the country has no remedy.

The Martians compare to the Committee of the President of the Camera Representatives of the State of Arizona. He is called Rusty Bowers, and he is a Republican conservator. But you also have to consider the status quo for defending the United States Constituency. Bowers received a letter from Trump and his abbot, Rudy Giuliani, on November 22, excommunicating discouragement from the electorate that legally voted for Joe Biden, the hoy president, at the Electoral College of the 6th epidemic, in the college I hope you vote for Trump. Bowers se negó.

For that reason, Trump wants his masters. In a tweet, Trump published the number of Bower’s telecommunications, and he started an intimidation campaign. Bowers received more than 4 million lamas, rabbis trumpianos cercaron su casa, mientras su hija, enferma de cancer terminal, agonizaba en el hogar paterno. Pero Bowers no se dobló. When it comes to Rudy Giuliani, the abogado de Trump, the evidences of electoral fraud that acclaim, Giuliani responds that these are theories, but not ten years ago.

Trump has decided on fraud. Located in Arizona, Georgia and Michigan. Arizona and Georgia have had republican legislatures and legislatures, so that Trump may ascend to the throne with his sword, but not again.

The present committee is safeguarded in Georgia, and it could be the flanco juridico that suits Trump. Brad Raffensperger, Secretary of the State of Georgia, Republican, was the responsible functional supervisor of elections in the state. Trump Le Lamo live on the telephone. Given that there were more than 11 million votes to get the result, and that they encountered. The response was very impressive, because the numbers didn’t matter. Trump has 67 minutes. No suggestions.

But even the most devastating testimony against Trump is one of the biggest electoral frauds in Georgia. Wandrea Shaye Moss, for the first time, was selected by Rudy Giuliani as a professional electoral operator, and was involved in electoral fraud. The entourage of President Trump magnificently fell, and publicly acknowledged. Dejaron IR from Los Hardas Trumppinas. Sit in your house, and your mother. The induction of obscene messages and amenities with violetic physics and death. The FBI told you to tell your mom, Rudy Freeman, to evacuate your house, because he was in trouble. The fanatics lusted after the house of Abuela and entered because of the fuerza looking for Shaye, aterrorizing to an anciana. That is the capacities.

The problem for United States is that it is a hacker. The Department of Justice justifies the presence of audiences, and solicits the association of transcriptions of all testicles, which is more than a mil. Only elves, commanded by Merrick Garland, can present cargos criminals. Yes, Claro, delicadísimo presents an accusation against Donald Trump. But if anyone else, that’s it.

Tendría sus costos. Here is a part of the discussion that he always helped. There are politicians who are always helping. However, it would be possible for us to understand democracy in the United States if we allow the responsiveness of a verbal insurer not to be ignored. If there are no conspiracies for the criminal conduct of a criminal like Donald Trump, it will be accepted that the philosophy of the hombre naranja eche races and, literally, changes the destiny of the world.