Aumenta consumo de datos en autos con OnStar – Meczyki

The consumption of data for vehicle connectivity through the platform OnStar, which is headed by Gonzalo Escobar in Mexico, grew 60 percent annually at the close of June, compared to the same period of the previous year, compared to short distances.

OnStar services are available on most Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac models and allow users to contact the service center to interact via smartphone or applications. In addition, due to the fact that OnStar is part of the electronic architecture of the vehicle, it is capable of identifying possible anomalies and the proximity of the maintenance service.

Alfonso Monreal, gerente de Relaciones Públicas de OnStar, explicó que al sixto mes del año el consumo de datos contabilizado por la plataforma de contabilizado alcanzó la cifra de un millón 300 mil gigabytes o 600 mil gigabytes o, with 600 mil gigabytes, 6. Disney+, Amazon, Alexa, Google, iTunes and YouTube, lo que equivale a descargar hasta 100 mil películas en alta definición.

He explained that in the same period, the volume of subscribers to OnStar, for brands like Onix, Chevrolet, Cadillac and GMC, among others, grew by 20 percent to more than 220 million subscribers in June, compared to 2021.

“Since before the pandemic, people were starting to learn more about the Wi-Fi hot spot, taking advantage of it, discovering it, and this part of connectivity is more interesting every time.” Todos vivimos conectados, utilizamos más de un dispositivo y hoy el mundo ento tenemos una actividad daily de uso de dispositivos conectados”, he pointed out.

It is worth noting that the platform has invested much in improvements to the OnStar platform for topics such as vehicle status diagnosis, security, emergency services, connectivity, navigation and entertainment.

Mujeres acaparan gimnasio de box

Las mujeres toman de terapia el box y van acaparando la plantilla de clientes de la chain de gimnasios La Vieja Guardia, que cuando inició operaciones en 2015 menos del 15 por cento de sus clientes eran féminas sono y 4 cientemento y venu.

“Cada vez más mujeres practican el box, se ha convertido en un tema de terapia.” Now 40 per cent of the clients are women, they have been growing, they have noticed that, in addition to burning important calories, no less than 650 calories per class in less than an hour, we are also teaching them. a defenderse”, declared Alfredo Quintanar, director general y crador de La Vieja Guardia.

La cadena se diferencia de la competition al estar uniquee focada a esta discipline y tener como instructors a boxeadores profesionales.

In 2019, it raised a round of investment of 2.6 million pesos on the crowdfunding platform Play Business, after the pandemic and losing one of its branches, today it has renegotiated with its creditors and it has been destroyed.

Se mantendrán las presiones inflationarias

Last Thursday concluded the deadline for companies listed in the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV), headed by José-Oriol Bosch Par, to present their financial results for the second quarter of the year, en la un marocinoceporio en la fecha limite. to mines, cementeras and airlines, due to the high prices of raw materials, energy and transport, which are predicted to persist during the second part of the year.

“Las empresas han implemented diverse strategies to face the pressures and costs observed, por ejemplo, Cemex has opted to increase prices in all its regions. However, this has only partially compensated for the negative effects on margins”, he recognized in a report. Intercam Banco, whose director of analysis is Alejandra Marcos.

“De cara al próximo quarterest, we hope to see the Mayor’s evidence on the impact on the margins of a more adverse economic environment. During his calls for results, some companies have mentioned that they are analyzing new strategies to face the challenges ahead. So, we hope to see causas, efectos y consequencias que darán pistas sobre el camino que seguirá cada emisora ​​​​in la segunda mitad del año”, anticipated the bank.