Aún no ha pasado lo peor de la inflación – Meczyki

At the beginning of the week, President López Obrador would like to criticize the communication mediums for not ‘destabilizing’ that the inflection in Mexico is the manor that united states.

“No olviden, because with all respect, this does not appear in L. Financier, we have a point of inflection with relation to United States, a point of men. And the same, this is the manor of inflation in Mexico that is in Europe and how it does not appear in the mediocre mediums, not in the periódicos, not in the radio, not in the television, not in the tango that decides aquí ”, subscribing to the conference Dale Lones.

We want to indicate the official ciphers:

In May, the General Inflation in Mexico registered a Tasa Annual of 7.65 per cent, expecting that in April it would be positioned at 7.68 per cent, with what is currently a marginal desiccation.

Peru en su quicinal medicine, la inflación retomó su camino ascendente The passage of 7.58 for the first time since the first of May 7.72 for the second time in May, has been around since 2001.

However, the INEGI has agreed to convey the data of the INPC correspondents to the first prime minister, who will allow advertisement if the general or a maximum of them.

For the first time, the Citibanamex de Expectatis published published anticipating that, since the Consensus of the Analysts, the General Inflation has recently registered an annual of 7.70 per cent in the first quarter of this month.

AMLO tiene razón When we say “we have a point of inflection with relation to United States”.

Yes, but Solo en la trayectoria de No inflation general.

In the United States, the precise index of Consumer Amendment of 7.5 per cent has been reduced to a minimum of 8.6 per cent in May, but it was not until December 1981.

The result is an increase in the elements of the elements – 10.1 by the current – and the subconscious subconscious, which increases from 6.0 by the current to 6.5 by the current.

Forgiveness of sin, at the age of 6.2 per cent and may regulate at 6.0 per cent.

Which side in Mexico with the sublime inflation, which excludes the most important voltiles, like the agropecuarios and energetics?

The infinitive subjunctive aumentó of 7.22 per cent in April and 7.28 per cent in mayo, has not been heard since 2000.

The component subyacenteque siemper es el mejor referente de la trayectoria inflacionaria, ha mantenido una tendencia al alza por año y medioMay have a total of 18 incremental human consoles.

De manera que, cuando se compara el componente subyacente, in Mexico we have a point more than inflation With reference to the EU

With all respect for the President, but Grass difference en las presiones y dinámicas inflacionarias between economies.

The governor of the Bank of Mexico, Victoria Rodríguez, thinks that the general inflation as well as subconsciously will make its mark in this quarter and that in the next day it will come down.

But the fact that the subconscious participant must have a clara tend to algae sugiere que todavía no se ha alcanzado el pico de inflación.

Ante the panorama inflationary retador, Banxico seguirá incremento su tasa de referencia, que ha venido acelerando el ritmo de ajuste en su cyclo de alzas.

For the same reason, an amalgamation of three men of three points, in line with the Federal Reserve of the EU, is discontinued by the merchants and their analysts.

To confirm the ‘apertón’ monetaryo is expected to be mediated, the reference rate in Mexico will increase from 7.00 to 7.75 per cent.

For the finals of 2022, the analysts inquired about Citibanamex ahora anticipating a 9.5 hour ciento, what would it be like The cycle of alzas is the terminal lejos.

The more critical the choke of inflacionario has not gone away, pues los precios no dejan de subir In the global economy and in Mexico, where inflation is at its peak, there are two decadas.

We don’t have the facts that favors a global disambiguation, which seems to be far more time consuming, difficult to reduce in Mexico.