Austin Villa hit Weston McKinney.

Equipped with a money war chest after the departure of Jack Grealish in the summer, Austin Villa apparently has a lot left in his cash reserves.

He signed several players over the summer to replace him. 100 meters Get out of your former star player but there is still work to be done to take the villains to the next level.

What is the word

One player who has been on Dan Smith’s radar for a while is Juventus midfielder Weston McKinney.

The midfielder is valued at 22 22.5 million. Transfer market And has attracted a large number of sitters in the Premier League.

There were villas. Curious McCain a month ago and now he’s considering another cherry cut in January.

Will you take McKinney to the villa?



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No Thanks

According to the sun Who suggests he could join Tottenham and West Ham in the 23-year-old’s race?

Lange can kill gold.

Johann Lange and Christian Persello. Plan Changing the grill in the summer was a smart one. The three players Amy Bondia, Leon Bailey and Danny Ings are trying to change the best qualities of England International.

Although McKinney is a different kind of threat, there are some basic features that are in line with the bill.

The box is a gift to the midfielder, he has a hard time capturing the ball and knows how to arrive late in the penalty area to score.

Whether it’s dealing with, stopping, working supply lines for your peers, or finding the net, there’s a lot for McKinney.

In the end, Joe was the jewel in the crown. Seven Serie A goals, however, provide a solid foundation from a deep false position. 1.9. The stats for each match in the Champions League are staggering.

He makes a lot of comparisons to John McGinn, Villa’s current box-to-box master.

While Smith doesn’t necessarily need a replacement, the idea of ​​the two standing together in central areas is an interesting one. After all, I the words David Wagner’s McKinney is a “talented talent.”

Also congratulations As the “rock” of Andrea Pirlo, the midfielder is a player who is endowed with a wealth of talents and has all the qualities necessary to thrive in the Premier League.

He is strong, delicate in possession and can score goals. It’s easy to see why Lange could lure him to the Midlands in January.

And in other news, Dan Smith can seal the Dream Villa midfield with an “absolutely extraordinary” k 75k-p / w beast.

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