Autumn afternoon

In the late thirties, a beautiful woman descends from the late model Kali Buik. Its driver started the car as Estella was beautifully climbing the stairs of the casino. On this cool autumn afternoon, he was wearing a branded trench coat, a peach scarf that covered his neck, the clothes he bought in San Antonio, Texas.

He was of medium height, with wavy brown hair that fell on his shoulders, big honey eyes, an upper nose, full lips that showed ivory teeth when he smiled. She was the wife of a prominent industrialist and arrived on time at a meeting of “poor wardrobe” women who worked for the benefit of the homeless.

At the end of lunch, Estella preferred to walk home in front of Almeida, rather than call the driver. As she breathed in the fresh air, she felt better, putting aside the growing sadness that had been with her recently. As he passed in front of the Plaza de Armas, he saw Poncho Sefants in the distance in his car seat. She knew him as a friend of her husband.

On Javier’s street, he sees Santana Jimenez coming out of the “jockey club”, with a big belly, a pistol, wearing a black suit on his belt, addressing the horrific “Separos” of the police. On the ground floor of the palace. He continues his tour, and in the corner with Allende, he stops for a few minutes to observe the “Switzerland” sideboards. From the corner of his eye he sees the eyes that many men were giving him.

The walk stimulated her thoughts, raising suspicions that her husband was spending less time with her because of his many professions and responsibilities. At eleven o’clock on St. Esteban on Victoria Street, he was remembered by the public at 11 a.m. Sunday and lantern exercises with Father Aguilera. He then passes in front of Pedro Quentinella’s car dealership, and on the opposite sidewalk, he observes the front of the “Arizpay” hotel, photographing his wedding, which he attended, both single and earlier. Married to, come to her mind.

She arrived at the “Palace” cinema, where the premiere of “The Last Time I Paris” with Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson and Donna Reid was announced in Marquee, thinking she would like to see it with her husband. If only it took time. Continuing west, he picks up the delicious aroma of freshly baked bread from “Chormball” and a few minutes later, at the intersection of Victoria and Oregon, he stops for cars to pass, while industrialist Sewer del Bosque Observes beautiful habitat. City.

He continues on his way, and before reaching Almeida, he takes a look at the Ramos Martinez family home, Martinez Martinez’s neighbor; The famous “Camecos”. She stops to cross the porcelain, and at that moment, she carefully observes the personality of the person walking next to her. He is a good looking man, with dark, shiny black hair, simple but clean clothes, and a sharp eye.

Think of it as an ordinary employee of a local company. Your heart beats a little faster. Remember that sleeping with her husband has diminished, and that passion remains as a young man. Estella arrives at the passage with the “frog’s” fountain, the young man draws closer, feels her pulse run, unconsciously puts her left hand on the dupatta.

At the height of the statue of General Zaragoza, the distance between them is almost non-existent, Estella’s heart rate increases. Suddenly he hears a voice behind him and almost in his ear. Estella paused. “Sorry, madam, can you tell me what time it is?” She is shocked, embarrassed and hesitantly looks at the man with her beautiful eyes, looks at the clock and informs him. The man thanks them and they both go on their way without saying another word.

She arrives home and finds her husband in the living room with Jail, reading Carlos Denigri’s column in “Excelsior”, she stops reading, and asks how it went, to which she replied that she was OK. , And he decided to go home to be upset. He himself comments that this may show the embarrassment on his face. After dinner, the husband attends a country club meeting, while Estella returns via the “Sears” catalog. In the solitude of his bedroom, he sees an empty bed. A tear flows from her cheek


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