Bancos looking for ‘good clients’ – Meczyki

The second term is not a pint for all bancarias in Mexico but in regulation, there is an exclusive economic restriction, but there is a difference between the two. Competitiveness for the “good clients”.

Even though all indications that the rest of the a noo will not be as positive as it is expected, as it is very clear S&P global ratings in its analysis of the bank in Latin America, do not consider that there is possibly an escarpon of realization, of course la banca. And there is a certain amount of activating debts here, without the implication that we would like to be esteemed for this reason, or that there is an affirmative “there are always new provisions and their salutations”.

However, at the time of the internship, the Mexican case is actually at 7.00 per cent and it is expected to be 7.75 per cent and the cierre of the au sebique will have an uncanny, up to 1000 luno bancos To be able to translate their clients into equitable variables, but also to make a difference in the demand for credit, or that the person may have more concessions of the same credentials in some form. The plots “totaleros” have appeared for a long time without any interest and this is a great opportunity for us to have a lot of potential clients with our endless and “pagadores” Find out more about offering more services and attributes to your clients.

It seems that S&P coincides with a manor demand that could generate competence among the banks, but that the good news is that it will not affect the total cost of the fund to all its clients.

Without embarking, it is also a hoax that in the past tense of intersections and inflections to the alza, it could possibly restore the capacity of the hogs and the empires and, in considering the quality of the activities, they could not sus deudas a tiempo; The idea is that the newcomers will not be the only ones who are not alone, but also the millions of clients of the bank sobro uso y quizás a su favor del credido, which is not applicable. economically more complicated than the current; An asperger


And on the other side of the Moneda Pride, all the listings for which this financier se realis the traditional march of diversity, in which the principal empires of the country are now more than ever, or not so with the corporatist presumption, are like Because Scotibank, HSBC or Citibanamex have their identities, or their selves are more or less the same in favor of all the emblems, or some of the more like Amazon that has been included. Paseo de la Reforma este fin de semana no solo estará lleno de color, sino de recordar que aún hay mucho camino por que exista una verdadera igualdad en todos los sentidos.


And one thing is for sure, that the little ones are autodescarted by the candidates to inquire about Citibanamex as is the case of Banco Azteca, or that Ricardo Salinas confirms in his red sociales that there is no redundancy. , we would like to say “hay que arreglar su operación e invertir en technología”, ya veremos quién es el siguiente en destir. For the moment, the moneda is in the air.