Be careful! Cofepris issues health warning against 5 “miracle products” in Mexico – El Financiero

The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) issued on Wednesday five health warnings against “miracle” products that promise to relieve from osteoporosis to acute or chronic colitis.

The addiction warned that these alleged drugs did not occur no technical-scientific evidence that they can solve these ailments and “take advantage of people’s urgency.”

So, water! You need to be vigilant if someone wants to sell you or suggest that you market these products:

It is sold in cream and tablet form as a muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory.

Cofepris warns that the product seems to be indicated for herniated discs, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and gout.

  • 365 Skinny High intensity

Also sold as High intensity body balance, These capsules are marketed as a dietary supplement.

The Commission warns that the capsule’s advertising attributes properties such as accelerating weight loss, relaxation and controlling cortisol levels.

Pretend to be a treatment for people suffering from stomach ulcers, colitis, acute or chronic gastritis or diverticula. It also claims to be a cure in prevention of colon cancer.

It is sold in vials, microvials, tablets and syrup as an expectorant for rapid cough relief.

It is sold as an aid in the treatment of infections and kidney pain, infection of the urinary tract and prostate, as well as to prevent the formation of stones and gravel in the kidney and kidney stones.

Cofepris stressed that these products do not have neither health records nor have shown their safety, quality or efficacy.

“By not knowing the content of its ingredients, they pose a health risk to those who consume them,” he remarked.


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