Berkas won the match against Ben for the No. 1 jersey in Celtic

Celtic way Author Anthony Haggerty believes that Vasilis Berkas will win a double against Scott Bean to become number one in Celtic Park next season.

برکاس Start Celtic’s Champions League draw with FC Midtzland on Tuesday night and it is hoped that a good performance will help Celtic get off to a regular start.

Barkas play 22 games In all competitions for Celtic last season, Bine put on another show, keeping 11 clean sheets. (23), But keep only eight clean sheets.

While both are taking numbers for the jersey in Celtic Park, number one Scottish It was reported last week that Hopes wanted to borrow Southampton goalkeeper Fraser Forster again, which would lead to more competition between the club’s goalkeeping ranks.

Regarding the goal-keeping competition, Haggerty told the FFC: “Angie Poticoglu is going to give it to him [Barkas] To make him fit right or to make sure he is right and he has given him confidence by saying that every opportunityWell, you’re my number one, and I think he won that pair over Scott Bean.

“But I think a lot of Celtic fans would want him to be the second goalkeeper.”

After both Barkas and Ben played in equal numbers last season, new manager Ange Poticaglo would like to establish who their number one is very soon, which could send both his defense and the shot stopper to jail. This will create consistency in the Celtic ranks.

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